How to unlock Nike Connect T-shirts in MLB: The Show 22

To start the launch of MLB: The Show, at the first event, Diamond Dynasty will be presented by Nike Connect T-shirts, debuting in the season of 2021. To unlock Nike Connect knitted products, you must win tournaments and moments to earn stars.

To complete the prize track of the event, you must earn 96 stars to unlock all seven Jersey Nike Connect. To complete the event games, go to online modes in Diamond Dynasty and select Events . You will come face to face with players with established rules.

A simpler way to unlock Jersey Nike Connect – perform moments of events. Go to Programs tab Select Nike City CONNECT The then scroll down to moments . Select a point to play in it and earn stars. Many moments are either one on bat, or one inning, or a few, and they reward more than one star.

Performing all moments will bring you 70 stars, so you still have to perform other tasks or games. You can also exchange players from specific commands to earn the stars to complete the unlocking Nike Connect.


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