Tropico 6: No free Next gene upgrade for disc

Tropico 6 - Next Gen Edition | Release Trailer (US)
Some readers from DISC version have contacted us and asked how to get the free upgrade for the Next-Gen version of Tropico 6.
As it turned out now and how to communicate us on demand at Kalypso Media, this is not possible with the DISC version.

“The digital version of Tropico 6 can be provided free of charge with a Next gene upgrade.
Unfortunately, this is not possible with the disc version, “came in response from Kalypso Media on request from DISC version.
You can upgrade the digital version to the Next Gen Edition in three steps:
1. Log in with the account with your Xbox, with which you also purchased Tropico 6 and the DLCs.

  1. Open the Xbox Store on your Xbox (really on the console, not with PC or mobile) and search for Tropico 6 Next Gen.
  2. On the StorePage you should now download the upgrade for free.

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