Star Wars: The Force Unleashed gets an impressive collector edition in Nintendo Switch

Star Wars, the unleashed force will be launched in Nintendo Switch Eshop next week, but fans who prefer physical launches will be happy to know that there are three options on the way to Limited Run Games. As we saw when the editor launched birthdays of the old Republic, fans can choose between standard, premium and master issues, and the last two options will include a series of extras. The standard edition will be offered for $ 34.99, the Premium for $ 89.99 and the Master for $ 174.99. The anticipated order window will begin on April 15 and will remain open until May 29.

The premium edition of the game will be accompanied by a steelbook, a poster, art cards, a currency, an enameled pin and a certificate of authenticity in a special box for collectors. All those items will also be included in the Master Edition, along with a replica of the handle of a light saber, an illuminated Holocron replica, lithograph and a hardcover strategy guide. You can find an image of the Master Edition on the Tweet embedded below.

Star Wars, the unleashed force launched for the first time in 2008 on several platforms, including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. The SWITCH version of the game will be based on the Wii version, which included a multiplayer mode and motion control support. The history of the game takes place between _venganza of the Sith and a New Hope_, which tells the story of the apprentice never before seen from Darth Vader, Starkiller. While the game was previously considered an official part of the Canon of Star Wars, that has changed after the purchase by Disney.

STAR WARS: The Force Unleashed - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Readers who have never made a purchase through Limited Run Games should know that the company is a smaller publisher, although all its launches have an official license. As a result, it can happen some time before the games are sent, especially for those who buy larger editions with more extra. For collectors, waiting often can be worth it, but Nintendo Switch owners are anxious to play. The unleashed force must take this into account before ordering!

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