Anno 1800 – germ of hope: This has the new DLC to offer

With “germ of hope” was published on April 12, 2022 the first DLC of the fourth season for the construction strategy game Anno 1800 published. The new world gets desperately donated comfort functions that are integrated by the so-called Hacienda building. We tried the DLC and tell you what innovations it includes.

What is new in the “germ of hope” -DLC?

In the center of the DLC is clearly the hacienda . This is a new infrastructure building, which can be built without exception in the new world (from Obrero population level) and allows you to establish space-saving production and agricultural buildings. These so-called modules can be placed anywhere on the island, but start their production only within the circular radius of the hacienda.

Anyone who has already settled the new world knows how quickly lack of space due to the rivers pulled out islands. With the DLC you will open up opportunities to work more space , which works at least in some cases. But the buildings should not only enable you a poor settlement, but also the cultivation of some crops, you would otherwise get through imports.

Furthermore, you will expect the DLC greater accommodation for your residents, new connection lines for optical variety and with atole and chili sauce two “drinks”, which can be produced in new breweries.

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But the Hacienda has a further innovation in Petto from buildings: it allows you the adoption of guidelines , which have a positive impact on the entire island. For example, you can increase the bearing size or the loading speed of ships, but also generate additional influence.

Last but not least, you may look forward to about a dozen new ornaments , which increase the attractiveness of your city, as well as the new scenario “The Silver Cage” , in which you under extreme weather conditions the silver production Bursting. The DLC is part of the Anno 1800 Season 4 pass, but can also be purchased individually for 7.99 euros.

Assessment of Manuel Karner
In general, the innovations of the DLCS prima join in the game. Since some field fruits can only be imported from the new world into the old world (and vice versa), an extension in this area feels properly – especially if it is beneficial to logistical efficiency. The Hacienda farms are certainly worth a look with their compact field size and smaller number of modules for many players and the ability to produce old world products in the new world is welcome. However, there are also some set screws that should be rotated. Only two examples: The Hacienda accommodations with 4×4 fields per house although only insignificantly greater than conventional houses and can even accommodate the double amount of residents, but require the satisfaction of two more needs. In addition, it needs a whole fertilizer mill to supply only a silo module of a farm, with the fertilizer mill in turn needed mist from adjacent farm farms – space saving ADE.

_Wer saves in Anno 1800 place, is clearly in the advantage. In the following picture section you can see how your building chains can be able to place efficiently: _

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