Elden Ring: Mysterious Feuerberg

The Games of From Software are a mystery in itself: Storytelling usually takes place via cryptic dialogues and the Lore entries of Items. In this way, interested players can discover their own and fantastic world behind the game, while other from fans who are not about story scissors can easily enjoy the challenging gameplay without being killed by the extensive lore.

But that also means that some mysteries can be discovered in the game, and especially in Elden Ring (Buy Now 53.98 €), which has such a huge, open game world. Say: Developers can have placed mysterious messages everywhere. For example, ELDEN ring player CellTastic is stumbled a few days ago.

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Elden Ring's Lore: Explained!

When “developer news” suddenly crash

It’s actually entiring: CellTastic found a message that (translated) says about that: “I thought that would be a mountain from fire, but I feel nothing! I will” (“I thought this a mountain Of Fire, But I Hardly Feel A Thing! I’ll “). Why does the message break off? At least CellTastic wondered and carried the message to Reddit to discuss with other fans.

Some of one suspected that a character was pushed down the mountain and got the patches treatment. At the tomb of the giants in Dark Souls about patches into a pit. Others believed that there was just someone slipped… and the solution is not as far away from what a player of the Japanese version of Elden Ring indicates.

Alexander has happened to MT Gelmir a mishap

Redditor Monowasure points out that in the news in the Japanese version of Elden Ring is a bit more than in English translation: “Hmm, that’s a mountain from fire? He is not hot at all! Maybe I should continue a bit… ”
Alexander Source: from software
If you are considered that you can listen to Mount Gelmir near Fort Liedd someone: “O Mountain of Fire! Bake me in your Flames!” (Well, “Oh Feuerberg, cheek with your flames!”) And then Alexander finds in the lava, this ELDEN ring mystery is probably clearly clarified. Which of course does not mean that there were still 1,000 others in the game! Does your Elden Ring play and are already in strange situations?

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