Japan charts: Kirby continues his digestion peacefully

Here are the best sellers of games and consoles in Japan for the week of 4 to 10 April 2022, established and communicated as always by the magazine famitsu.

At the end of a very quiet new week, during which only the resistance of the valiant Elden Ring prevents Nintendo from realizing another Grand Slam, Kirby and the forgotten world continues to surf his pretty success which now translates by half a million copies sold without even counting downloads. For the rest, we already mentioned the beginning of a quiet period a week ago, so so much to repeat that there is not much to wait for this month of April, whose largest outings will take place in End of Month with Ebaseball Powerful Pro Baseball 2022 from Konami and Nintendo Switch Sports. Remains the prospect of celebrating the 2 million The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in a week.

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On the side of the console sales, the diet is also felt even if the switch remains above the 60,000 units, including a majority of OLED machines. It has also sold 1.55 million copies of this model in Japan, which is already more than the total of PlayStation 5 since November 2020. A PS5 which recovers to stagnate with a return in The area of 10,000 sales after signing two or three beautiful weeks in the 30,000 sales. An unfortunately well-passenger phenomenon but has nothing to do with an alleged staple from Japan: In February, lack of acceptable stocks, the Sony console has been sold less than the switch and the Xbox Series in Europe and the United States. Same assessment for the month of March with regard to Europe, just learning.

Software ranking

Game name Console Sales of the week Total sales
Kirby and the forgotten world Switch 59 960 550 966
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switch 16 312 4 554 586
Minecraft Switch 9,580 2,595,462
Legends Pokémon: Arceus Switch 8,548 2 216 676
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch 8 064 4 840 518
Elden Ring PS4 6 190 323 804
Mario Party Superstars Switch 5,534 933 351
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Switch 5 114 1 998 774
Ring Fit Adventure Switch 5 040 3,117,477
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch 4,556 7,200 355

Hardware ranking

Consoles Sales of the week Sales of the year Total sales
Nintendo Switch 61 162 1 485 936 24 405 437
PLAYSTATION 5 11 224 316 072 1,539,407
Xbox Series 4 068 44 109 172 767

Nintendo 3DS | 194 | 5,547 | 24,592,995
PLAYSTATION 4 | 14 | 197 | 9,395 141

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