NBA: Stephen Curry vor Comeback zum Playoff

Basketball Star Player Stephen Curry could celebrate a comeback on the beginning of the NBA playoffs at the Golden State Warriors on time at the beginning of the NBA playoffs.

The 34-year-old three-point specialist was used because of a tap injury on the left foot last mid-March, but now seems ready for a return. He does not necessarily have to be 100 percent, Curry said.

Instead, he wonder if he could help the team and realize something. “If I feel that the answer is” yes “, I will play.”

Chef coach Steve Kerr also said confident. “Many boys will get conditional problems after a month after two minutes,” Kerr said. “But Steph is in such a great form, he has such an incredible foundation in terms of condition.”

Steph Curry & Luka Doncic status updates as NBA Playoffs begin | NBA Today

The Warriors are one of the title favorites, but have to build on a Fitten curry. The first playoff round is against the Denver Nuggets and Nikola Jokic.

Play one of the series in the best-of-Seven mode is rising on Sunday (2:30 am / Cesz).

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