Schmölz and Höfflin meeting: deb

The still strong replacement team of national coach Toni Söderholm defeated the hosts in Chomutov 2-0 (1: 0, 0: 0, 1: 0). The goals scored the Nuremberg Daniel Schmölz in the 6th and Nuremberg Mirko Höfflin in the 59th minute. The first party on Thursday had lost the Germans with 2: 6.

The former NHL professional Dominik Kahun (SC Bern), on the Söderholm had still renounced on Thursday, moved as a captain new to the team. In the gate Andreas Jenike got a probation opportunity from the Iserlohn Roosters instead of the Nürnberger Niklas Treutle – and convinced.

The German team showed greatly improved in the first third and went through a beautiful shot of Schmölz early in the lead. In the middle game section Söderholm’s protégés bad luck with a slatted hit of Höfflin. Both in the second and last third, however, they had to survive the driving phases of the Czechs. In the penultimate minute Höfflin hit the empty gate.

To the World Cup prelude on May 13 in the Finnish Helsinki against Canada, Söderholm will rebuild his squad strongly. Players from the German Ice Hockey League, who still play for championship, were not available in this first preparation phase as well as professionals from Sweden and the North American profile. Their World Cup preparation continues the selection in the coming week in Rosenheim with testing matches against Switzerland on 21 and 23 April.

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