Halo infinite | Certain Affinity works on “the evolution” of the game

343 Industries launched Halo Infinite lXbox Seriest year 2021, a game that debuted with good reviews, although the multiplayer free-to-play hXbox Series traversed some vicissitudes. In addition to the lack of content, the study is having problems implementing some of the functionalities that did not arrive on time, such Xbox Series the cooperative campaign. Be that Xbox Series it may, Studio Certain Affinity hXbox Series confirmed that it will work on the evolution of the video game.

Evolution of Halo Games [2001-2022]

“We have been part of the Saga Halo for more than 15 years, so we are honored to say that we have deepened our relationship with 343 ,” they have published on their official Twitter account. They have trusted the possibility of participating in “the evolution of Halo Infinite”, an approximation that they anticipate will be “new” and that will elapse “by exciting roads”.

The second seXbox Serieson arrives on May 3

Since your arrival at the market, 343 Industries hXbox Series had to make a difficult decision. One of them wXbox Series to delay the premiere of the second seXbox Serieson, which finally already hXbox Series date. The study announced that Lone Wolves (Lone Lobos) will immerse us in its new multiplayer content from next May 3. There will be new maps, more elements of personalization and improvements in balance and rewards.

Certain Affinity recently published a labor supply in which they requested people with experience in the development of Xbox . This study hXbox Series collaborated with other companies such Xbox Series Activision Blizzard, with which he hXbox Series worked in the Call of Duty saga. However, for a while the possibility of being developed a title similar to Monster Hunter exclusively for the Xbox ecosystem is being developed. Nothing confirmed, for the moment.

Halo Infinite is available at Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. You can also download it to Xbox Game PXbox Seriess. Although the campaign mode is paid, the multiplayer is open to all players.

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