Saints Row: Volition prepares a showcase entirely dedicated to the game, all the details

Saints Row Is Having A Customisation Showcase.... Here's My Thoughts
Absent from the news from the Game Awards 2021, in December 2021, the reboot of Saints Row will make his Greno Back Media within a few days. It is Deep Silver and the Volition Studio who announce it by stating that we will deal with a showcase entirely dedicated to the game. If the duration of the video has not been communicated, we know, on the other hand, that these are the options Customization that will be put forward, through a new trailer, interviews and other information presented in different forms. It is the actress Mica Burton, totally unknown to the general public, who will animate the show, knowing that it will be possible to view it from the Twitch Deep Silver chain or their YouTube channel at 9 pm on April 20th. Since its controversy around his characters Woke and without personality, this reboot of Saints Row does not speak of him in a positive way, and will try to convince the skeptical players with options they will have to create their own boss in the game. See you on April 20 for the Showcase and August 23, 2022 for the release of the game.

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