LOL: Caitlyn trap to an Ekko rival showing the importance of predicting a play

Season 12 of League of Legends is being one of the most played of recent years by various factors. The arrival of IBAI to the competitive with KOI and the success of Arcane have been two clear examples that the riot Games Mob has grown so much, being increasingly important among young people if we compare it with the numbers of 5 or 10 years ago. And is that the arrival of new players causes new stars and talents with great mechanical power capable of wreaking havoc to more than one competitive circuit professional.

But this time we will talk about a play that although it is not an extremely high ELO, it is worthy of the best. When we talk about _ predicts _ , hooks that are sent to the places where our rival is intended to go and hunt it successfully. But it’s not always like that, we can also talk about this concept when we hunt an enemy unexpectedly with a trap. But they tell this ekko that fell into the hands of Caitlyn.


The situation is easy to understand: Caitlyn was one of the most skilled champions of heading , being a true murderer with just basic attacks. On the other hand, we had a Ekko that seemed to have problems hunting the champions despite being two levels above the shooter. It was when she found her gap when she threw himself for her to try to end her life and continue pusheando the central lane to finish the game as soon as possible.

However, Caitlyn played pretty well the cards of her and could dodge the most painful attack of Ekko, and with the help of the Support (in this case Brand of her) of her could leave him almost dead. Is here when our beloved Poli de Piltover took a genius move to the day: he used his on the sleeve to force the definitive Ekko that would take you “to the past” in order to place a trap before that Arrive at the site and sentenced to die due to Root that causes W – Trap for Yordles from the Sheriff.

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