The writer of the portal says he wants to make a third game

Portal and portal 2 are often considered two of the best video games of all time, and a large part of that popularity can be attributed to writing. The writer Erik Wolpaw has worked on games like artefact and Vida Media: Alyx Since then, but the only thing he really wants to work is Portal 3. In a recent appearance at the Kiwi Talkzwolpaw podcast shared how much he wants to go back to the series and how he wants Being able to do it before it is “too old.”

“We have to start Portal 3, that’s my message for you. Whatever you can do, let’s do it, let’s make it happen. Because yes, I’m not getting older either as if we were getting to the point where it is crazy. ” I think, literally, it will be too old to work in Portal 3, so we should do it, “Wolpaw said.

Portal 2: Creating a Sequel to a Game That Doesn't Need One

Wolpaw continued saying that portal fanatics should make his appeals known to Gabe Newell, although the writer hurried to point out that he does not believe these appeals help the game materialize. However, if Newell and Valve see an interest, it would certainly not be more!

More than 10 years have passed since the initial launch of portal 2, so it is understandable why Wolpaw might think that the series will not see another sequel. That is a long time between deliveries, but it certainly is not unusual; There have been many videogame franchises that have obtained a new entry after more than a decade on the shelf. Sometimes, that free time can help a team rest a bit and generate new ideas. Wolpaw offers no specific details about where you would like to bring the portal story for a new game, but it is probably better that he is saved by those ideas for himself in case the series has another life chance.

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