Wow: We elaborate the craziest theories about the presence of the dragons in the next expansion

For long weeks, we have been bombarded with “Dragons this”, “Dragons the other” on the ninth expansion of World of Warcraft. What is basically, but a risky speculation based on some leaks? Not much, and that is the core of the problem we have with the global theory that evokes the dragon islands : It is not based on anything, no trace, or a serious source, wind or, in the best of cases, A few green pixels.

Therefore, we investigate the question to form an opinion of its own and, above all, to give meaning (or not) to this theory that is not currently based on anything very concrete. This article is the direct continuation of the dedicated to the possible new classes of the 9th expansion.

  • IMPORTANT: We do not consider alleged filtrations. This article is based solely on elements of the game and the expanded universe of World of Warcraft.

The return of the Prophecies of Il’Gynoth

Obviously, we can already see Malganyr and Evanessor laugh when they read the title of this section of the article. However, it seems important to mention that Il’Gynoth has been announcing certain important events for many years that followed the prophecies of it. Of course, you have to take them so they are: vague words without much meaning at first sight. But the fact is that they often make sense and could, among other things, indicate a role to play for dragon flights.

In the first version of him, in the emerald nightmare during Legion, Il’Gynoth whispers:

First of all, we think that it could refer to the 5 pillars of creation , these artifacts that we were looking for during the Legion expansion. But with the elements presented later in this article, we can also consider that these are the top 5 aspects of Azeroth dragons **:

  • Alexstrasza The Life-Binder: Red
  • Kalecgos the magic weaver: blue
  • Nozdormu the timelessness: Bronze
  • Dream Merithra: green
  • WRATHFUL The Prince Black: Black

The second version of Il’Gynoth, in Ny’Alotha, the city of awakening during Battle for Azeroth, echoes this phrase pronounced by his legion counterpart:

The five extinguished lanterns are, now that we think of “dragons”, maybe echoing the aspects that they lost their power after feeding the soul of the dragon with him in the incursion of the same name to defeat Dragonwing. The mention of “flames” in this sense is not insignificant since the dragons spit… Fire, but we will not teach you anything telling you that.

Finally, it is the second mention of the version of the Emerald Nightmare Prophet that also seems to aim a riddle for the most famous Draconments of the Warcraft universe:

Multiple interpretations are possible, but here again we can easily consider it a reference to the aspect of the Earth in which Thrall has become the end of Cataclysm to replace Neltharion, who then became the terrible flavoring. Another fairly similar theory also echoed Wrathion, which descends directly from the progeny of the destroyer **, which implies that he also extracts the power of him from Earth.

But then… a corrupt land? Frame of “teachers”? Worse yet, “green eyes” that would also be treacherous according to the dark prophet?

“Green eyes” we believe that it refers to something that does not literally have eyes of that color, but they are the eyes of a faction that embodies that color. The green flight , for example, to name a few. It is difficult to say, but our initial theory remains intact: in our opinion, it is Merithra du Rêve, the daughter of the deceased Ysera, who is in question. But why should we distrust him? Would there echo from the alleged emerald dragon frame extracted as the supposed collector mount of the ninth expansion? The idea makes a lot of sense with how little we know!

NY’Alotha: Start of dragonflight uprising?

So we really started our search where our colleagues had left her: In non-corrupt Voidwing, the frame obtained as a reward for defeating N’Zoth the corrupter in Ny’alotha, the city awakened in heroic difficulty. If you have to believe in the theory that the mounts of this type are going to _provoke the next set, then… That purple dragon should have involved the twilight flight at least. Instead, nothing, We have Shadowlands that has absolutely nothing to do with this topic . Or almost.

The description of the incorrupt voidwing says: “This vexiona, purified by Wrathion, comes from a flight with a broken past and an uncertain future. “ The search for Lost Flight for which is the reward describes this:

We know that The twilight flight originated from the red flight of Alexstrazasa whose eggs were corrupted, however, the name of the mission naturally echo the red flight but also of the black flight that Neltharion literally ruined, since Wrathion decided to decide to not let him succumb. Once again the whispers of the ancient gods. We perhaps provoked an extension before the arrival of A plot dedicated to one of these two flights ?

The Sepulcher of the Founders: Genesis of the Future?

This is what our investigation in the saddle obtained by completing the encounter with the jailer in heroic difficulty made us believe. This curious mount is Zereth’s carcinish steed. Let’s mention that the carcinization is the progressive evolution of certain species of crustaceans towards crayfish-like shapes.

By the name, we can deduce that it originally did not have this quadruped form. A transformation that reminds of the experienced by the elementary elementary ones a long time ago before evolving proto-dragons , and then to the dragons we know.

This curious carcinated mount is described as follows: “_Altimate representatives of his species, these mysterious creatures seem incredibly ancient, even timeless, may even have been created by the founders, because until now no plan has been discovered to synthesize them.” _

Remember a lot about what we know about dragons, and especially on black flight, namely:

  • Some representatives still exist, but most of the species has been decimated.
  • Ancient and timeless creatures of the first ages of Azeroth
  • Created by the founders (supposedly)
  • Your original “scheme” does not exist or no longer exists

In addition, it is the terms “Antiguo” and “atemporal” those who interpel up here: a very subtle reference to a topic that developers have already mentioned during certain interviews, often remembering that “time is running out of different way in shadowlands, nor faster nor slower.

An element that was certainly an interrogation to certain experts in Lore, but it could also be a very indirect mention of the Bronze Flight dragon whose leader is also no less than nozdormu, a being that carries the title of timeless since He is able to dominate the sands of time.

The Azeroth Almanac

To obtain the Carcinated Zereth Steed, you must return a small object obtained after fighting the jailer in helicory mode in the sepulcher of the founders. It is the almanac of Azeroth and although its name may seem trivial, when we set ourselves in the etymology of the word “almanac” we quickly realize that is very likely that its origin is from the Arabic language , as well as the Names of the members of the poster, including Firm, the merchant to which we help in Zereth Mortis.

In case you do not know, an almanac is:

Although today it is often confused with banal calendars, the almanac seems, according to this definition, being originally a tool to disseminate information in its own right. This has something about common with music and songs , which could once again give the track of a supposed “musical class” from which we talked in our last article, while the bards and juglets being before all the Narrators and legends.

The Almanac is a tool that allows you to anticipate the future, but also remember past events. Echo is made of the description of Zereth’s carcinishing steed, which indicates that it is a mysterious, ancient, even timeless creature: a creature that exists from the origins of the world, even of reality. Moreover, this description mentions that it is one of the last representatives of its species. Very common points with dragons (but not only).

The END of the FNAF Iceberg! | The FNAF Iceberg Explained
Choose to name this element specifically Eco of the Almanac has little sense here. It would be then an echo of the past , but who, of what? From Zovaal? Why not, but it would be of little interest to this day, especially with how little he tells us about this antagonist after the defeat of him. On the other hand, we know that Blizzard does not want to reproduce the stage fiasco that was Warlords of Draenor with travel over time. Assuming that we would not change the temporality, then may be considered that it is the past who will join us !

This is possible in many ways, and one of them would be the introduction of a new threat… or rather the reintroduction of a threat that was believed to be extinct . With the recent events and the attempt of the jailer to tear the life to Azeroth, this will undoubtedly have consequences on the planet, perhaps awakening some deeply buried horrors. By the way, Xal’atath mentioned one of them in Battle for Azeroth: “A powerful dragon could be a powerful tool. Unfortunately, the days of GalakRond were left behind.”…

Extinction of dragons

Of course, these things must be consistent with what we know in the game about DragonFlights so that they make sense. And the thing is that that would make much sense for now. One could easily imagine ** a massive burst of dragons throughout Azeroth to fight multiple new simultaneous threats that seriously threaten Azeroth and its inhabitants.

Bronze flight

Bronze flight led by Nozdormu is from Vanilla that is at the origin of several important adventures in the vicinity of Silithus , in Kalimdor. It is thanks to him that we could create the scepter of the dispute sands that was used to open the doors of Ahn’qiraj and end the threat that C’thun represented. It is also this flight that you searched for stabilizing the time lines of the time caverns in Silithus from The Burning Crusade.

With the recent arrival of patch 9.2.5, we discovered from passing a young blood elf that we met many years before. The name of it is Salandria and since then it has grown. He even joined the Order of Blood Knights of Lady Liadrin! During the global event of the children’s week, your child version of it has some special interactions with the bronze dragons of the time caverns . The return of him on patch 9.2.5 is until today a great mystery (and could also mean nothing more than a small wink).

Is it possible that It is possible, especially if we take into account the aforementioned elements related over time! Nor is the return of C’thun either if we believe in this theory, who knows what horrors this cataclysm will have awakened?

Red Flight

From what we know, Red Flight is in serious problems . In Battle for Azeroth, we learned that The twilight flight is increasing its activity in the depths of Grim Batol , which even leads to the massive attack on the redoubt Vermilion, the residence place of the red dragons of Alexstrasza. The goal? Corrompe and enslaves Life-Binder’s breeding eggs to turn them into cracker drackes .

The assault was a failure, however, the presence of the twilight flight is still strong in the old dwarf city. We have had little news from this event, except for a very fast appearance of Alexstrasza during Shadowlands. The hypothesis of a return of the threat embodied by the twilight hammer , and therefore of its enemies the red dragons, it seems to date pretty serious.

Blue flight

The blue flight is also seriously in poor condition. Although we have absolutely no news from the expansion of Legion, we know thanks to this that is under an unprecedented extinction threat: Blue dragons can no longer put * * Eggs According to Senegos. Currently, the reason for this phenomenon is unknown, but the threat is very serious since it implies a total extinction of this flight in a more or less near future **, especially in case of war.

It is also interesting to remember that Chromatus , one of the main and most powerful chromatic dragons ever created, was locked in an arcana prison during the Cataclysm expansion. This prison was supposed to be locked in the nexus , in the tundra boreal, but we know little more about it, except that azuregos was there during legion to protect it and that does not fall into the wrong hands. No news from…

Green flight

It could be said that the green flight is one of the most mysterious dragons flights to date. After walking in the absence of her leader, Ysera, which had been corrupted by Xavius in Legion and then murdered in Val’sharah, we have little known about her. It is supposed to be Merithra du Rêve, the dreaming daughter, who would have assumed the leadership of the green dragons , without too much certainty for the time being. We also help you counteract an incursion of the vacuum in the domain of the druids in Battle for Azeroth, without much follow-up.

It seems important to remember that Merithra was one of the three dragons captured by the siltitions at the Vanilla era . He went on our help to the temple of Ahn’qiraj. He also has a model from the Mists of Pandaria patch 5.4.2 called “Nightmare Merithra” . The imminent fall of him is not ruled out, as well as the implications he may have with Emerald dream.

Black flight

The black flight is the most documented of the five main flights in recent expansions. In particular, we know that in Battle for Azeroth , many newborns have been seen by extracting and exploding Azerrita on the unknown islands to take advantage of it. Its precise goal is not known at this time, but it seems that new black dragons are resurfaced. At the same time, we also discovered that Irion had gone in search of the dragon islands before returning and helping us to defeat N’Zoth at NY’Alotha . Would she have found her? And if so, what was she discovered? Mystery for now.

Wrathion also affirmed, in Battle for Azeroth, that he wanted me to his flight from him assuming responsibility and act as guardian of the planet . An amazing promise when we know that he had decimated this a few years before the black dragons were never subject to the influence of the ancient gods as the father of him, Neltharion.

A millenary threat

Therefore, the theme of the next expansion could, if this theory is true, be related to the return of a descendant of GalakRond , or even with the same father of the dragons. We could discover the origins of the father of the dragons, a very little exploited theme in the history of the license.

We know that A great and powerful great evil approaches our reality of which jailer and perhaps even the other cosmic forces seek to “protect ourselves” from the beginning. Will GalakRond paid the price thousands of years before, in the origins of Azeroth, explaining the degeneration of him in an abominable creature?

It is also supposed to at least one Titan forging would be located in the Dragon Islands . Since it is around this ancient machinery that rotates recent expansions, the probability that we go there to discover a new threat seems very high in the state.

Perhaps the real threat would be the exploitation of this alleged machine to return the life to GalakRond? Perhaps Xal’atath himself would go to the foreground and finally start hostilities after a brief prominence in Battle For Azeroth without anyone knowing what happened to her since then?

So many questions for which we will probably have the answers in a relatively close future. But the idea seems interesting to consider.

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