Call of Duty: Warzone launches the April 19 update, the patch notes are revealed

Activision finally added Call of Duty: Warzone Tanned content of Snoop Dogg this week, but that is far from being the only thing that Game Battle Royale got. An update was also launched, with some changes made for public events that are accessed within _zona of war. However, this update did not contain any major equilibrium change or adjustments of that nature, but Raven Software reminded players some significant changes that occurred recently instead of the newest.

The patch notes for this week’s update were relatively brief compared to some of the other updates launched over the duration of the Events and Patches of Season Two Reloaded. They can be found in full next along with some error corrections with previous previous changes also highlighted by Raven Software.


Public events

  • Added: replenishment, cash deliveries, deliveries of heavy weapons, resurgence

Freight drop events:

  • The first free charge drop now occurs before (this change should achieve a better parity in the power curve).
  • The second release of free equipment remains in the fifth circle.

Events guaranteed :

  • Filling: Heavy Weapons Drawer, Boot Drawer
  • Be encouraged to land in different places due to the legendary booty that appears at the beginning of the game is a good opportunity for the rotation of points of interest.
  • 4th Circle: Remarks, Liquidation
  • Having events in the middle of the game helps players to replenish their inventory and provide players better looting opportunities in the middle or late game, especially if they return from the Gulag.

As a reminder, these are some of the other changes that were implemented in the Núcleo B during the previous weeks.

As is played

  • Default central health is now 150 (instead of 100)


  • Dead Silence will remain like legendary booty


  • «Gente game reward»
  • “Top secret”
  • «Fall of Supply»

Error correction

The collision problems were corrected with several elements in a boiler, which allows players to explode, look and shoot through them.

A problem was solved by which the replacing descriptions and rapid repair did not coincide with its current functionality.

WARZONE: Surprise 1.56 Update PATCH NOTES, New VERDANSK Files, & More!

A problem was solved by which you could see some indications of the buttons on the keyboard and the mouse when using a gamepad.

A problem was solved by which the button message when receiving an update of the playlist was incorrectly said “exit” instead of “restarting now”.

A problem was solved by which players could not invite other players to join their group from the menu “Invite from social networks”.

A problem was solved by which the “The Wall” plane disappeared in the game before the players could receive it.

A problem was solved that allowed players to cross Golden Bunker’s doors.

A problem was solved that caused the combat shield plans to not appear correctly when it was equipped in a load.

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