Leakages of the start date of the Call of Duty event: Warzone Godzilla vs King Kong

The start date and the images of the Godzilla vs King Kong event in _ Duty area: apparently have been filtered. Rumors of a Godzilla vs King Kong event in zona of war began to spread at the beginning of 2022, but the details were scarce. At that time, some models of conceptual art were spent that suggested that the players would assault the island while the Goliath fought each other or attempting to stop the players. Earlier this month, the leaks began to charge a certain validity despite the extravagant that sounded for Call of Duty. Call of Duty began to provoke the arrival of Godzilla to zona of war And now, it seems that he will make him the debut of him with Kong in a few weeks.

A new filtration courtesy of Twitter account @PlayStationSize revealed that Activision has updated certain information for α-duty: war zone_ in the PlayStation backend. A new image has been uploaded, probably the game icon on the boot screen of the console, with Godzilla and King Kong attacking the Caldera Island. The image also reveals that the event will start on May 11 and will be linked to the film. Godzilla against Kong. This is a quite interesting crossing since the film premiered more than a year ago and the details about a possible sequel are few and distant from each other. However, it is likely to be a fun event. Earlier this week, Call of Duty’s account mocked that King Kong could come to an end in this event, since the bones of him were discovered by a modern drone that was exploring the island.

So far, no official announcement has been made, but with zona of war the new season is scheduled to start next week, we will probably get the official details very soon. Activision has already added several godzilla teasing within the duty: war zone_. Although Call of Duty has presented cinematographic icons such as Rambo, Ghostface and Jigsaw in recent years, he has never had a pop culture event so massive. In general, this type of live events are reserved for fortnite but it seems that Activision is becoming ambitious with its efforts to compete against the Title Battle Royale of Epic Games.

WARZONE LEAK: Godzilla vs. King Kong EVENT!? (Discussion)

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