What is plitch? Trainer

What is plitch and how does it work?

Plitch refers exclusively to single player experiences. Finally, there will be no distortion of competition if a player returns to aids and facilitates certain gaming mechanics by cheat. A well-known example is the money cheat for the Sims 4. This can be activated without additional software, but that is not the case with all games. Here, Plitch comes into play as it serves as a central starting point for cheats of all species. Pure multiplayer titles like COD Warzone are logically not represented.

Plitch is installed in the form of a client. The program then runs in the background during the game and allows arbitrary procedures to the gaming experience.

  • Currently supported around 3,300 games, trend rising.
  • The number of cheats is estimated at more than 43,000.

What is Plitch? (New Game Trainer Software)
* There is also a plitch app. Also with this you can activate cheats.
* The advantage of plitch is that you have all cheats in a reputable application and can easily enable it by click.
* Plitch also observes all games updates and adapts the cheats if necessary. This ensures continuous compatibility.
* The features are shown here.
* You can use Plitch for free, but then not fully extent. Alternatively, there is the premium subscription for 4.49 to 8.99 euros per month (depending on runtime), which offers you all the features.

In addition, a forum is integrated. In this you can exchange views with other plitch users. Plitch dates from Munich and was first published in 2020; The software is still relatively beginning and other features should only be a matter of time.

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