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Overwatch 2 Hero Differences
_ Monitoring 2 _ was at the top of the gaming community in recent days, with the preview version of the game excited much attention. Of course, the publication of a new Oververtch game for many is an exciting view, and this excitement will undoubtedly stop until the game is published. In particular, the characters are revised visually and many players have noticed the changes to the character models. Such a character with many changes is no other than tracer, a fan favorite many. In this guideline, all important aesthetic changes for tracers will be explained in _ monitoring 2_.

Tracer character design changes in OverVATCH 2

The basic design of Tracer has changed for OverVATCH 2, with some different differences in adaptation. First, Tracers visor has no big white outer edge for Overwatch 2, if at all. People may think that the visor is much smoother in design and has a really nice color scheme for them. The main outfit for the upper half of the body has been significantly changed, with changes made to the style of tracers jacket, which appears flawlessly as the other version.

In addition, the “gauntlets” were changed to the arms and no longer protrude so strongly into the air, the design is very compact and has a beautiful architecture for the model of the cuffs. The heart has an iron-man atmosphere in design, the core is in the framework of armor and looks excellent as always.

For the legs and the shoes Tracer still has the iconic look with the colors, but the main shoes are now futuristic in style with white and bright blue glowing colors under the shoes. With all these changes, it will be excellent to play as a tracer with your new outfit as it was in the previous episode. Of course there are numerous other changes that will arrive with the game when it is released.

_ Monitoring 2 _ has no release date yet, but should appear for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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