The Elegacia continent promises to be in the southern version

Yesterday, Amazon Games marked the “Battle for Chaos” Update on the Western servers of Lost Ark adding the new playable class of latties and opening the doors of a continent Unpublished, Bern-South.

Fighting for sacred land: The people taking on Amazon in Africa
We know, the original South Korean version of Lost ARK has a few months ahead of the version currently available in the West of the MMORPG and South Korea, the developer Smilegate RPG is preparing to deploy another Major update giving this time access to the continent of Elgacia (as part of the MMORPG season 2).

According to Smilegate, The Elegacia continent is presented as a sacred territory composed of flying islands and from the lazenis – this winged people created to the origins of the world by the gods. For participating in a war, the Lazenis were nevertheless deprived of their wings (to melt among the humans), with the exception of a few elected officials who could keep their wings in order to watch over the world from the sacred continent of Elgacia.. The update must clearly reopen access to the lost continent and according to the developer, it marks a major turning point in the history of Lost Ark – the update must conclude the season 2 of Lost Ark.

More prosaically, the continent is intended for high-level characters (the developer evokes a level of equipment of 1460 to venture) and houses a new Abyssal dungeon, Kayangell , presented as the Sanctuary of the light created by the gods. The place obviously consists of two wings and contains four bosses. It will be necessary to have a level of equipment of 1475 to rub it. Always according to Smilegate, the dungeon will be divided into several levels of difficulty, normal or difficult.

In South Korea, the celestial continent of Elgacia will be deployed this April 27 – no date is yet communicated for the West, but Amazon Games still has a number of content to integrate into its version of the MMORPG and remembers that the Western operator does not want to deploy the most arded contents too quickly. By then, Elgacia unveils in a trailer, Korean.


South Korean Trailer of the Lost Ark “Elgacia” Update

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