The film Ni Kuni arrives on Netflix in January

Cinematographic adaptations of video games have a fairly bad assessment. Their failures are generally resulting from the creation of a ten -hour story in a two -hour film or an excessive deviation of source material. While the film or no Kuni does not follow the history of games exactly, the basic concept is there. It did not work particularly well in Japan, but you can judge by yourself this month, because it will strike Netflix very soon.

Ni No Kuni Netflix Film Anime Movie Review 2020
The first game nor no Kuni (and his reissue) follows the story of a young boy named Oliver, who travels in another dimension. The people of the two Outer have counterparts who are connected and Oliver seeks to help the counterpart of his mother recently died in the hope of bringing her back. The film has similar elements. Two young boys named Yuu and Haru can travel between their world and an alternative world, where they meet the counterpart of one of their friends in their world.

While Studio Ghibli hosted the cutscenes of two of the games ni no kuni, the film is produced by Olm Inc. It is directed by Yoshiyuki Momose who has carried out animation work on studio films Ghibli Spirited Away and Grave of the Fireflies. Ni no kuni will be on Netflix on January 16.

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