Wow: Dragon Flight: A meme becomes true! Tauren can become villains!

The developers’ interview tour to the upcoming extension WOW: Dragonflight continues to run. This time Lead Combat Designer Brian Holinka was a guest in MRGM’s Twitch stream. When asked whether there may be a few new class-populated combinations, the Combat Designer gave a surprising answer.

He cannot list exactly all new class people CMBS that are added in Dragon Flight, but you definitely want to loosen up a lot in this regard and will make magicians, priests and villains available to all peoples . Soon WoW players can also play their tauren as creeping villains and dress in magic roles. What used to be a meme will become a reality in the upcoming expansion!

original answer from Holinka

These were the exact words of Brian Holinka, when asked whether there will be new Völker-Class combinations in Dragon Flight:

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New WoW Race/Class Combos? Dragonflight Interview with Blizz & MrGM
Yeah, you Know, We Kinda This Broad Direction. I any Wanna Make Any Huge Promises But We Kinda Feel Like We Want To Move Towards A World Where The Race Of A Character is not a Limit for what they can or what They can Become in the World of Warcraft.

We’Re Working Towards that but not all classes have the same kinda content requirements. More of this will come over time, but immediately in 10.0 we’Re gonna be making rogues, Mages and priails Available for all races, so everone will be able to go out and make their sneaky tauren tiptoing on their hooves all around.

Thesis will be introduced in 10.0, with general intentions for us to look at more options down the line, but immediately in 10.0, you’ll be ABLE to change rogue, mage and priest to any race combations. “

Blizzard wants to slowly but surely go in a direction in WoW (now buy) in which the choice of the class does not become impossible from the election of the Volks. All restrictions will not be picked up directly – the best example of this is probably the extremely limited caller of the Dracthyr . Which Volk-Class combination would you prefer to see in WoW Dragon Flight? Write us in the comments .

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