Ufiable reveals new illustration of Nezuko

The second season of _ Demon Slayer _ was responsible for adapting one of the most beloved stories of manga. Next to the introduction of great characters like Tengen and Daki, here we also saw a new transformation for Nezuko. Now, to celebrate the launch of a new Blu-ray in Japan, ufable, the animation study by this work, has shared a new illustration of Nezuko, which is focused on her power as a demon .

Unlike other demons, Nezuko has not eaten a single human, so her evolution has been different compared to other creatures of her class. During her fight against Daki, we could see how Tanjiro’s sister acquired a new power, one that gives her a force similar to that of a superior moon . It is this design that we find on the cover of the Blu-ray, which makes it clear that no one can deal with this demon girl.

Fortunately, this will not be the last time we see Nezuko in this way. Without giving many spoilers, during the third season we can see this transformation once again, only in a more controlled way. Without a doubt, something that fans of this character cannot be lost.

In related issues, here you can see the first trailer of the third season of demon Slayer. Similarly, these are the DLC characters for the anime game.

Editor’s note:

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I can’t wait to see the third season of anime. The second was a spectacular work of anime. Considering the events that awaited us, I know that Ufiable will do a simply extraordinary job.

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