These are the characters that return for the new Pokemon travel season

From the beginning, the most recent season of _ Pokémon _ has made it clear that the way to become a teacher is very different, since the routine was left aside to go hunting medals and then going to the League. Reason why, the 10 -year -old coach will face the most complicated adversaries that he has fought in this anime.

The new stage for the chapters will take the protagonists to the world coronation series, an event that is well known in the universe of the franchise. Site where the champions of different regions will face to meet the true leader of the battles.

_ Lance _ It will be who goes on behalf of _kanto, Steven _ in the name of _ Hoenn _ , _ Cynthia _ , _ Dianta _ and _ Alain _ As the exponents of _ kalos _ , _ leon _ goes for _ Galar _ , and finally, _ ash letchum _ goes for honor as a champion of _ Alola _ .

Ranking Every Character Return in Pokemon Journeys!

With this premise under the arm, some wonder if _ Pokémon trips _ will give their last respite this season, since at the moment there are no more adversaries formidable for winning beyond Leon. And since Scarlet and Violet versions are launched at the end of the year, we probably do not see an adaptation of the region until after its arrival.

On the other hand, fans think it is time to take a new step to other generations of the Slipple franchise, that means that Ash’s journey, at least for our point of view, will come to an end after quite a long time. But for now, it is time to see if all those years of training were worth it after leaving the Paleta people.

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