Lost Ark: The destructive class arrives with two raids

Of course its momentum, Lost Ark will be entitled to a new content update for the second consecutive month as promised in the Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games roadmap.

Lost Ark: Massive Update FINALLY Adds Stuff For Guilds to Do, Raids & LOTS More!

The destruction for only destiny“, the title of this update, pays tribute to the class of the pest which is added to the launcher released last month. Evolution of the warrior, this advanced class is a robust ally whose large hammer can cause a shock wave, generate gravitational energy that slows down enemies or lift the earth by hitting the ground.

This new ally will undoubtedly be too much to launch out the end of the end of the game content that are the first legion raid (Valtan) and the raid against Deskaluda (in group or solo). New guild activities (raid match, island’s headquarters) are also presented on the official website, as is the appearance of the Neria wardrobe and its modern clothes pas very RP. Finally, note that Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games do not intend to sunbathe this summer and that a summer roadmap will therefore be communicated soon.

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