The cooperative shooter Sker Ritual from the authors of the horror Maid of Sker will be released this summer

The upcoming cooperative Sker Ritual survival shooter, which is the spiritual heir to the Maid of Sker horror, received a new trailer in which the Wales Interactive developer demonstrates gameplay fragments and announces the game release window.

In the upcoming cooperative shooter, players will be able to play as a solo, so united in a team of up to 4 people. They have to fight with the hordes of various terrifying creatures, some of them will be familiar with Maid of Sker fans, others will surprise everyone with their supernatural abilities.

Here you will also find a weapon in the style of Steam with the possibility of upgrade, a variety of masks for your character and mysterious plot tasks from talented authors who participated in writing the plot for Maid of Sker, Battlefield 1 and Total War: Rome II.

Sker Ritual - Reveal Trailer

The release of Sker Ritual will take place this summer on personal computers. A little later, the game will be released on consoles.

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