What is the price of Diablo Immortal? In-Game Store, Battle Pass, and Pay2Win Allegations Explained

Diablo Immortal wanted to bring the feel of a hack and slash RPG to smartphones, but now it’s unexpectedly coming to PC. As a Free2Play game, its funding relies on microtransactions. This raises the question of the valid price of the title. We summarize all the previous information for you.

Free2Play: What can all players get for free?
You should have gotten a complete package if you didn’t pay for Diablo Immortal. Blizzard emphasizes that as a Free2Play player, you also have full access to all in-game content. This includes:
All classes: You can use all classes without restriction.
Story: Even without betting real money, you should be able to experience the game’s full story.
Gameworld: F2P users will have access to all areas of Diablo Immortal.
Equipment: All your equipment can be found in the game. Shops do not offer loot.
Battle Pass: Diablo Immortal will have a Battle Pass system. There is also a free version.
No Energy System: In games like Genshin Impact, you have to pay special resources to play certain content. You can play whenever you have time. This can only be regenerated passively or by using real money. Blizzard made it clear that Diablo would not have such a system.

Or Pay2Win?
According to the developers, microtransactions will be optional and not required for game progression. He also asserted that these should not affect the game’s core gameplay. Among other things, you will be able to spend money on:
Eternal Orbs: This is the game’s premium currency that you can buy with real money and use to pay for other store offers.
Platinum: You can earn the second in-game currency yourself or buy it with orbs. It is essential to crafting Legendary Gems (more on this later), remove Skill Stones from Amulets, and trade them on the Auction House.
Legendary Emblem: Increases the rewards of randomly generated Ancient Rift dungeons, the only way to guarantee the drop of runes and legendary gems. They also change the gameplay of dungeons with random modifiers, such as monsters that explode on death or reduce the cooldown of skills. The coat of arms applies to the entire party.
Reforged Stones: There are specialized Reforged Stones in the store to make it easier to forge the desired stats on your gear. They reduce the chance of a free ordinary reforge stone but don’t remove it altogether.
Battle Pass: If you pay for the Battle Pass, you’ll get extra rewards. But there is no equipment here either. Instead, you can unlock more badges, gems, and materials that can be used to upgrade your gear.
Decorative Items: In closed beta, each class has a plethora of decorative armor sets, which help to customize your character. You can see examples of necromancers here.
You can also purchase a monthly “Blessing,” which gives you a rare badge, 300 orbs, and extra trading and storage space. Items can also be “awakened” with a one-time payment, giving them additional effects and reducing the cooldown of specific abilities by 10%.

How exactly does the Battle Pass work?
Diablo Immortal Battle Pass works like most games. So it can be compared to the experience point system. You can earn battle points by completing activities such as the canyon. Once you’ve accumulated enough of these, you’ll be able to advance one of forty levels in the Battle Pass and get rewards, or – if you own the paid version – several at a time.
There’s also a premium version of the Battle Pass, which lets you go straight to level 12. Rewards can also include legendary gems that are extremely important to the endgame but not the best version of crafting materials, gold, honor, reforging stones, blessings, emblems, and battle chests.

What are Legendary Gems?
The legendary gem was the key to previous allegations against Diablo’s Pay2Win. They can also be obtained without using real money, but this requires considerable effort. Some Youtubers estimate the best device life for Free2Play to be 40 years.
On the other hand, they make a monetary investment of $50,000 to $75,000 in the store because expensive used cars can’t be bought directly with real money either. Instead, you buy a drop guarantee for the roughly five-minute Elden Rift raid.
Unlike Battle Passes, this guarantee includes not only Legendary gems of rarity 1 and 2 but also the coveted 3rd-tier gem with five stars. Each can also be upgraded ten levels, for which you need to break down the dust of the legendary gem. Exactly which rarity you get is still a chance.

Store offers can still be changed entirely.
Blizzard itself is still keeping a low profile on the exact store report for a soft launch on June 2, 2022, and it’s conceivable that the current reaction will still cause rethinking. We will, of course, keep you updated.
If you want to enjoy the PvE aspect of the game alone or with friends, you should be able to do it no matter what’s in the store. Given the growing gap between Free2Play players and honest money payers, only the PvP aspect is a potential problem.

How expensive are microtransactions?
The last known price for Eternal Orbs was 1.5 to 1.8 cents per orb. The most extensive package contains 7,200 pieces and costs $110. For Legendary Crests (i.e., Drop Guaranteed), 300 orbs are required, and three orbs can be activated simultaneously in a single raid.

If you want to unlock such badges with your earned platinum, you must raise 3,000 credits and are limited to one badge per day. Unsurprisingly, the sphere equivalent to that much platinum is 300 spheres (just over $5).
In beta, the simple version of the Battle Pass will cost $5.49, and the premium version will be available for $16.99. A monthly blessing costs $5.49, while an item’s “revival” costs $10.

In addition to a free daily gift box with some crafting materials and 5000 gold, some loot-like things cost about $1 on the virtual hell counter. For example, the Forgotten Tower chest yields 60 Eternal Orbs, 2 Rare Emblems, 1 Legendary Emblem, and 6 Common Gems.

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