Ortega Moreno: Im coming back as a fan

Even before the last home game against RB Leipzig, the news was leaked: Stefan Ortega Moreno, together with Patrick Wimmer, Gonzalo Castro, Alessandro Schöpf, Fabian Kunze, Joakim Nilsson, Amos Pieper, Cedric Brunner and Tom Schütz, was leaked before the game. left the previous season.

In his last home game, the DSC goalkeeper showed his whole class again-against Christopher Nkunku and Co. the 29-year-old did not concede a goal until the stoppage time, but then he had to grab behind again. “A victory for zero would have been a nice farewell,” interim coach and goalkeeper coach Marco Kostmann told “Sky”.

Arminia fans celebrate Ortega Moreno with speech choirs

The performance of the goalkeeper honored the Arminia supporters after the final whistle with loud speech choirs – despite the sealed descent. This is also shown by Ortega Moreno that he didn’t do that much wrong. How difficult the farewell was found showed his emotions after the final whistle. The 29-year-old cried in the interview at “Sky” and revealed that he lacks the words.

“I got through my puberty here, got to know my wife, my child was born, I got up to the Bundesliga – it will always be a nice place,” said the keeper.

Despite the speeches, the goalkeeper did not want to go on the fence at first, because otherwise he would “get cramps”. Ultimately, however, he acted against his own statement and climbed to the fans. “It was emotionally a lot today. I would like to drink a beer and let the whole thing sink,” explained the goalkeeper.

Tracy Cortez celebrated with Brian Ortega after her fight ☺️ #UFC274

You should never say. I’ve come back before

Stefan Ortega Moreno

Wherever Ortega Moreno, who has played for the Arminia for the Arminia, except for a three -year detour since 2007, did not want to reveal the keeper. In any case, one thing is clear to him: “I’m coming back as a fan”. He left open whether the home game against the Leipziger was his last game in the Arminia jersey: “You should never say. I’ve ever come back.”

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