Silent Hill rumors, Sony-Blueber Team

Will Silent Hill, which had been conveyed only allegations for a long time, finally reveals? Rumors that follow a series of reasons, you can even meet two or more new Hills.

1. Suddenly leaked Silent Hill Image

The beginning was Twitter of DUSK GOLEM, which has leaked the development of various Japanese studios, including driving in the E engine of Monster Hunter Rise and the appearance of the Biohazard Village.

He shared illustrations and screenshots on the 13th, the image of Silent Hill, which is being developed on his Twitter. The image includes a woman’s face with a note of notes and a bizarre space with bizarre torn paper. He cited this as an image that was being developed in 2020 and could be different from the present, but he cited Anita, Maya, and SMS (text message) as key figures.

In addition, this is not the only Silent Hill currently being developed and talked about the development of a plurality of new series.

2. Konami’s request for suspension of copyright infringement, high credibility

Despite the plausible image and the leaking history, the community’s suspicions and speculations about the facts of the image have come. In the meantime, the image was deleted at the request of the copyright holder and the atmosphere changed rapidly.

DUSK GOLEM unveiled the message that his Twitter account was temporarily locked for copyright violations after the image was released. He said Konami was the company that sent a request for copyright violations. Konami is also a developer and IP holder of the Silent Hill series. Konami’s request to stop copyright infringement was added to the leakage image and DUSK GOLEM’s claims.

3. Konami has 3, 4 Silent Hill Development

Since then, DUSK GOLEM posted an article about the development of Silent Hill through community and Twitter -shaped posts such as Resetera. In particular, interest is the number of titles under development.

His argument is that Silent Hill is currently developing four titles (DUSK GOLEMs 3.5). DUSK GOLEM said in 2018 that Konami tried to develop two silent heel games. But he argued that he is now making 3.5 titles to achieve a new goal of the resurrection of the franchise.

He also said that much more time and budgets are spent than before, and collaboration between more studio is being carried out than expected. However, he added that the game development, which was aimed at October 2021, seemed to be delayed in the global fans, and it was not specifically known when the game would be released.

In response to a fans’ demand for leaking, he expressed a negative position on the spoiler on Twitter. He mentioned that part of the project will excite the community and high levels of horror factors. This is worth playing without a spoiler, so Dusk Golem said it won’t leak the story.

He also reiterated that on Twitter, he reiterated that the image was 100% true, saying that he was not a liar nor a malicious troller.

4. Sony’s exclusive service? The middle leg is Blueber Team

Jeff Grub of Game Zbit (venturebit) on the 14th mentioned that it is likely to be the same as the user’s question about the possibility of PS5 exclusive after the image leak. He also said that on the same day, his YouTube channel video podcast was told that Konami was remakeing Silent Hill 2 led by the Blueber team.

Jeff Grub has been criticized for its low credibility by delivering various sources claims without cross -validation, but they have delivered a lot of information that appears to be later.

The key is the Blueber Team. In 2021, Konami signed a partnership with the Blueber team. Konami said in a statement that he will produce existing IP and new IP games with the Blueber team and several other development partners. The Blueber Team is a developer who has produced a number of horror and thriller games, including the Layers of Pier, Obserber, Blair location, and The Medium. Naturally, there was a suspicion that Konami would develop a Blueber team and Silent Hill.

And on the 14th, Sony and Blueber team signed a license and publishing contract. Jeff Grub’s claims, Konami and Sony’s contracts, Konami handed over the development of Silent Hill (remake of Silent Hill 2) to the Blueber team, and Sony and PS5 exclusive services.

However, the new distribution system phrase included in the contract between Sony and Blueber team is also noteworthy. Sony previously divided PS PLUS into rating, including a subscription service similar to the Xbox game pass in the existing service form. The Blueber team’s games may be a contract for a free game list for PS Plus buyers.

The possibility can be compressed by the Blueber Team’s new work, the distribution contract of Silent Hill, which can be under development, or the Blueber team’s new work on the PS Plus.

Meanwhile, SIE, who dreams of expanding to PS Plus, aims to attract AAA games and competent indie games. In addition, it was speculated that Square Enix and Konami could be the goal after Jim Ryan said that he was aiming to acquire more game companies after the acquisition of Bungee.

However, DUSK GOLEM also claimed that Sony was still involved in the game released by Sony, so there is still a possibility that the Blueber team’s contract is related to Silent Hill.

5. Konami Kojima, shall we be together again

One of the companies that was named in the place that is supposed to be a multiple Silent Hill developer is Kojima Productions. In 2021, the Blueber team signed a new contract with Konami. In other words, the 2020 leakage image is not the work of the Blueber team.

In addition, after deleting the Twitter image, DUSK GOLEM re -posted the image on Reddit, and the character in the newly added image was the reason for the name of Kojima Productions. In November last year, Hideo Kojima announced a new project study on Twitter, revealing that a person with a person and a new image is similar.

In October 2021, about a month before Hideo released the project image. Webzine Gematsu, who specializes in Japanese video games, said that a prominent developer developed Silent Hill. In particular, he quoted the public officials who could not reveal their names, adding that the developer is Kojima Productions. Gematsu also said he was receiving development funds from Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The relationship between Kojima and Silent Hill is also worth noting.

Konami developed the Silent Hill Series and Silent Hills, led by Kiermo del Toro, famous for his leading franchise, Hedeo, and Maze, Helvoy, and Pacific Rim.

New Silent Hill Game Images Leak, Sony's Involvement Confirmed, Kojima's Involvement Hinted At | MBG

Silent Hills also participated in the development of the horror cartoonist Junji Ito, and Norman Leaders will appear as a game model. In particular, the playable teaser, which was released in 2014, aka P.T. was a shocking fear against the constant corridor, and was well received in connection with the actual game.

In 2015, however, Konami dismantled the internal development studio Kojima production where Hideo was, and the development of Silent Hills was canceled. Later, Hideo left Konami and founded his own developer called Kojima Productions, where he developed Death Stranding. In the game, Guillermo del Toro and Norman Leaders, who decided to participate in the development of Silent Hills, appeared in the game with character facial capture and voice acting.

In response, some have been raised since the rumors began to rise to the possibility of developing a new Silent Hill, with affection for Silent Hills, which Hideo could not develop. On the contrary, there are many criticisms that Hedeo, who had suffered severe conflicts at the time of leaving Konami, would work with Konami.

However, there is a view that if Gematsu mentioned earlier, Sony invests and the Kojima Productions are led by the Kojima Productions to create a new work. In fact, Sony also invested in the establishment of Kojima Productions. In addition, the PlayStation Studio Guerrilla Games also supported the Desima engine used in Horizon Zero Dunn to Kojima Productions.

Death Stranding was served as a monopoly during the PlayStation until the PC version was released, and Director’s Cut was also launched in the PlayStation camp. This positive relationship with Sony can be thought of as being able to attract Hideo to the development of Silent Hill’s new work.

However, since the Blueber team has been working on a horror IP with famous publishers before the announcement of the contract with Konami, it is still likely to be the work of the Blueber team. On the contrary, if you accept the investment that DUSK GOLEM is involved in games and Sony, you can also think of the development of Silent Hill by Kojima Productions.

6. Silent Hill, why are you so excited

Silent Hill, who has been treated as a series that has been over 10 years since his last work, was loved as a series of survival horror with Capcom’s Biohazard during his heyday. In particular, unlike biohazards, represented by zombies, the occult scenario -centered horror provided eerie unlike the existing survival horror. It is also a popular work outside Japan with a mix of Western design in the scenario emphasized by Japanese games.

However, criticism has increased as the company’s retirement and unique advantages of the series have been diluted, and new new works have not been made for a long time since the cancellation of Silent Hills in 2015. In addition, Konami stopped developing major franchises, focused on the game with arcade and pachisl, and the launch of the new work seemed more far away.

However, rumors spread that Konami is preparing for the resurrection of major franchises, and Silent Hill also went up and up to the fans’ mouths. In addition, the Blueber team has developed a new work using horror game IP with famous publishers before Konami’s announcement, and expectations for new Silent Hill have also increased.

The development of Silent Hill has remained rumors for a long time. Indeed, the development rumors of Silent Hill, which reappeared due to this image leak and Konami’s copyright infringement request, will lead the game’s ‘Project Q’**, which led to the game announcement immediately after the game leak. It will be.

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