Griesheim disassembled Flieden

The season in Hesse has not yet ended, but SC Viktoria Griesheim and KSV Baunatal can already count on relegation. Both teams secured existentially important points in the fight for relegation last weekend and were able to accumulate a big upholstery with a view to the season finale.

Baunatal minimalist – Griesheim merciless

While KSV Baunatal visited the already fixed relegation SV Zeilsheim an early goal by Sebastian Schmeer in minute 13, Viktoria Griesheim against relegated Buchonia Flieden made it more than clear. In the end, it was 6: 0 for Richard Hasa’s team, who not only secured the three points, but at the same time also polished its own goal difference.

Especially in round one, the guests did not get a foot on the lawn and were simply caught by the offensive power of the playful hosts. The guests repeatedly afford catastrophic mistakes in their own game structure and had to watch how one attack after another swept over them almost every minute. After half an hour, the game had long since been decided. Kazimi (10th), Lorenz (15th) and Stumpf (20th) laced the sack early. Overall, however, the Viktoria guests made it far too easy, so there were less than 60 seconds between Lorenz’s second goal of the day (34th) and Starck’s goal for the 5-0. Buchonia’s goalkeeper Florian Wess was due to the fact that it was not even clearer at the break.

Whether made of grace or stress control, in round two, the home side took it easy. The game splashed and no longer had the dynamics from the first 45 minutes. Griesheim didn’t have to, flieden couldn’t. Griesheim still had one in the quiver and Schumacher got the 6-0 final score after an hour. Griesheim and Baunatal are now both with 33 points four points from the relegation zone in the table of the table.

Observatory Greifswald – Restoration of Sliding doors 2020

Friedberg almost wins away from the danger zone – Bad Vilbel

Further down in the table, Türk Gücü Friedberg can undoubtedly consider himself the winner of the game day. Because the competition from Hanau and Steinbach could not win, the DZIHIC team catapulted itself out of the danger zone with a narrow 2-1 win against Hünfelder SV and pressed Steinbach on a direct relegation zone until further notice.

Also in acute relegation is the FV Bad Vilbel, which against FC Hanau 93 did not get beyond a 0-0 and increasingly loses the saving bank from the field of vision. The distance to the first non -relegation area – currently occupied by FC Hanau – is six points. With two remaining parts, the non -relegation is only possible.

The game between VfB Ginsheim and FC Bayern Alzenau had no meaning for the relegation battle. For both teams, it was already clear in advance where the trip will go in the coming season. The Barletta team was determined as a non-client at an early stage, Ginsheim can no longer hold the class. Three goals from Maximilian Brauburger and an own goal by Staegemann ultimately culminated in a safe 4-0 away win of FC Bayern Alzenau.

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