LOL: Visual Rework to Namis skills that will arrive next patch

One of Riot Games’s great commitments for the current season has been to renew the League of Legends that worse have resisted the passage of time. In some they have demonstrated it with updates to the gameplay or even complete reWorks such as the one that you will receive. However, the most common practice in the developer has been to carry out a visual update to the skills of the characters. It is something that we have already seen throughout the year and that will be repeated in the next 12.10 patch where Nami will receive new visual effects.

All changes to Nami’s skills

Both the champion and her skins will receive adjustments in the next version that ** will only affect the visual section of her abilities. It is the great update of the lowest rank of Riot Games, so we should not expect a new model or changes in relation to the gameplay. It is true that the champion will receive complementary changes during the next update, but these are independent and are part of the Riot Games plan for increasing the durability of the champions. In this sense, the adjustments are only aesthetic. There are two objectives: that the champion is prettier in general terms and that better comply with the rules of clarity.

Taking the champion’s base model as a reference, Nami will receive the following changes:

Basic attack *: The champion’s blows have suffered a presolled, although there are no major changes.
Q – Water prison : The shape of the bubble is more evident and its impact zone is marked in the effect area with darker tones so that it is easier to identify.
W – hangover and wave : Simplified and modified visual effect colors. When he is going to hit the enemy, he is blue, while healing the allies becomes green. This happened before, but now it is much more obvious.
E – Blessing of the tide *: The bubbles now have a more defined form. The basic attack adapts to the current model.
R – Maremoto *: The shape and colors are much softer.

The changes will reach the game in the next 12.10 patch whose launch is scheduled for May 25 according to the official Riot Games updates calendar. In addition, they will also affect all the champion’s skins to a different extent.

Base model *: complete change
KOI : Color changes and adjustments to adapt it to the new base model
River spirit : color changes and adjustments to adapt it to the new base model
URF el namití *: adapted to the new base model
Depths *: Settings to adapt it to the new base model

Nami Visual Effect Update Comparison - All Affected Skins | League Of Legends | Visual Rework
Skt T1 *: Settings to adapt it to the new base model
Program : Minor Settings
Splendid cane : No changes
Cosmic destination *: No changes
Haunted *: No changes

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