Genshin Impact: Everything about patch 2.8 – leakages, release, banner, characters

What authorities information did we have? Impact revealed a new character on Twitter: Shikanoin Heizou. He is a talented detective from Inazuma and is said to be quite little. The tool of the Anemo customer Heizou swings as well as what rarity he has is not yet officially known.

_ Ayaka Kamisato is among the strongest characters in the video game. You can see more solid personalities in our video clip: _

When is Patch 2.8? We don’t understand. Also the upcoming Patch 2.7 has actually been delayed since the Corona scenario in China is presently fairly tough.

Impact impact postponed patch 2.7 for an uncertain period, however the beta for update 2.8 takes place as typical. We at MeinMMO will consequently summarize every little thing to the upcoming web content as well as leaks.

Exist currently leakages on patch 2.8? Exists since the beta phase is already in full swing. If you are not interested in Leakages, do not review the post.

The existing Gacha banners with Ayaka Kamisato and both 5-star weapons “by the end of Patch 2.6” were also extended. There is therefore neither for Patch 2.7 nor 2.8.

Leaks on the skills of Anemo user Shikanoin Heizou

What can Heizou? Heizou ought to become a 4-star character as well as utilize a catalyst as a tool (by means of Honey Impact). You can view gameplay as well as animations for Heizou in the Reddit Post:

  • 1. Standard: When Shikanoin Heizou is substituted, its speed for typical assaults for 5 secs is 15 %. He additionally obtains a pile of Declension. The result can be activated every 10 seconds.
  • 2. Requirement: When the kick of special ability takes off, it gobbles nearby opponents.
  • 3. Stability: The talent level of elementary capability rises by 3.
  • 4. Standbild: If you cast on the adversaries with the kick of the special ability of wind pattern Iris and also takes off the Iris, your 9 primary power restores. Every additional explosion of one kick gives you back 1.5 primary energy. Overall, you can reclaim 13.5 primary energy with an use unique ability.
  • 5. Security: The skill degree of unique capacity increases by 3.
  • 6. Standbill: Each stacking of Declension enhances the crucial price of the strike by 4 %. If you set off a strong punch with 4 stacks, its essential damages increases by 32 %.

Easy talents:

Version 3.0 Banners LEAKS, CYNO Banner To Be Delayed? | Genshin Info
Unique ability:

| Standard attacks: leads up to five strikes and kicks ahead, which straighten anemo damage.
| terrible strikes:
consumes a particular quantity of endurance and also executes a kick that does anemo damage.
| Attacks from the instance **: Heizou breaches all opponents in his course. If it happens on the ground, it causes anemo surface damage.

Important capacity:

  • “Pre-Existing Regret”: Minimize your endurance usage of all employee by 20 %if you dash. The result can not be piled with others, the very same results.
  • “Paradoxical Method”: If Heizou triggers a complication while it is on the field, he gets a piling of Declension. The result can be caused every 0.1 seconds.
  • “Penetrative Reasoning”: If the elementary capacity strikes an opponent, the primary client of all staff member, except Heizou itself, is raised by 80 points for 10 seconds.

  • Press: reasons anemo damage with a punch.

  • Hold down: causes anemo damages. You gather power to disperse higher damages per pile (” Declension”).
  • Declension: You can collect approximately 4 stacks. The following strike will certainly become also stronger if you get to the maximum stacks. Declension lasts 60 secs.
  • Treatment time: 10 secs.


  • You trigger a taking off begin the air and makes anemo surface damage. If the kick hits a challenger impacted by Hydro/Pyro/Kryo/ Elektro, it is given with “wind pattern Iris”.
  • Shortly thereafter, wind pattern Iris takes off and triggers location damages with the aspect that was affected by the challenger.
  • A maximum of 4 challengers can be offered with a kick with a wind pattern Iris.
  • An adversary can not be affected by several wind turbines Iris as well as numerous aspects at the exact same time.
  • Covering time: 12 secs.
  • Energy costs: 40.

If you wish to plan for the launch of Heizou, you will certainly locate the leaked products needed for its level-ups below:

Various other leaks to Heizou:

Which weapons banners should show up? Until now you are unclear concerning that. There is currently just a leakage of a brand-new single -hander to birth the name “This is a Sword” (via Reddit). You do not know whether it will be a 4-star occasion weapon or a gacha weapon.

  • Profile picture and splash art (through Reddit).
  • Unique dish – it increases the assault of all staff member by 66– 95 for 300 seconds. In the co -op, this only relates to your very own characters (via Reddit).

Leakages ahead banners in Patch 2.8

Which personality banner should appear? This is not really understood. There are just speculation in the space. The 5-star personalities Klee, Kazuha as well as Yoimiya need to consequently get a rerun in Patch 2.8 (using Reddit).

Otherwise, you can most likely expect Shikanoin Heizou as a 4-star personality in among the upcoming banners.

This is exactly how the sword ought to appear like:

Leakages for future skins in Patch 2.8 and also various other updates

Which characters should get skins? In patch 2.8, the moon community heroes Fischl and also Diluc should each obtain a skin (using Reddit). While Fischl’s Skin has a rarity of 4-stars, Dilucs Skin will be the very first to categorize with 5 celebrities (using Reddit).

** What should the sword have the ability to do? The tool’s effect enables you to activate a “hewing gale” every 8 seconds when typical assaults, violent blows or strikes from the situation struck the challenger. The hewing windstorm then creates surface damage based on 180 % of the assault. It likewise enhances your assault by 15 % for 8 seconds (using Reddit).

There are additionally 2 images located in Genshin Impact’s documents that show the skins:

Additionally, Dilucs Skin must include a scroll. It is thought that it is used for still animation (using Reddit).

Occasions that are meant to find in Patch 2.8

  • Fishl (via Reddit).
  • Diluc (via reddit).

other leakages on patch 2.8

  • “A Summer Sea Layover”: Similar to Patch 1.6, send the occasion to summertime islands that you can explore as well as accumulate event money. For 2,000 pieces of this money, you can retrieve the character fish as a present (using Reddit). The summertime islands have some difficulties and also pursuits all set for you (by means of Reddit).
  • “Evermotion Mechanical Paintings”: A problem occasion in which you have to place 6 problem pieces in the right positioning as well as certain locations to place the image with each other properly (using Reddit).
  • Hangout event with Heizou (using Reddit).

These events ought to occur in Patch 2.8:

In “more future”, Saccharosis and Amber are also to end up being the closest heroines that obtain a skin (by means of Reddit). These 2 skins are expected to attend to butterflies.

Which leakages exist?

Impact impact held off patch 2.7 for an uncertain period, yet the beta for upgrade 2.8 takes place as usual. When is Patch 2.8? Are there currently leaks on patch 2.8? Heizou must come to be a 4-star personality as well as utilize a driver as a tool (through Honey Impact). ** In patch 2.8, the moon community heroes Fischl and also Diluc must each get a skin (using Reddit).

  • The same, fallen products, like opponent drops, are currently stacked as well as are no more sometimes existing around in the location (via Reddit).
  • You can set 45 fps on the computer (using Reddit).
  • Opponents on the 12th degree of the winding abyss (via Reddit).
  • New furnishings for the housing system (using Reddit). They primarily remind of the character Klee.
  • There will certainly be brand-new pursuits in guide of your traveler license (through Reddit).
  • A lot more story and also background details for Diluc as well as Kazuha (via Reddit).
  • You can choose whether you wish to uninstall past mission resources such as audio data (through Reddit). Nevertheless, you can likewise re-install it after uninstallation, the decision is not irreversible. This enables you to conserve area.

The Change version of Genshin Impact is still under advancement, stated a spokesperson on the component of Mihoyo: Genshin Effect On Nintendo Switch-which we recognize regarding the launch thus far

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