DOUKUTSU RANDAMU is being distributed free of charge for Cave Story.

Individual developer Trashbox Bobylev announced on May 20 that it will be translated into Japanese the secondary creative game “ DOUKUTSU RANDAMU ” in “Cave Story”.

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“Cave Story” is a search -type 2D action game released in 2004 by Daisuke Amaya of the development office pixel. Players aim for the ending while making full use of jumping and shots. The inside of the cave has a vast area, and traps such as enemy characters and thorns exist. As you adventure, you will go through a dangerous cave while using various weapons you can get. It is evaluated as a masterpiece of indie games, as it is now a masterpiece of indie games, such as a formidable but detailed difficulty level and a scenario that cannot read the development.

“DOUKUTSU RANDAMU” is a work that turns such “Cave Story” into a rogue -like game. In this work, the map is automatically generated randomly. There are 23 different layouts, each of which is generated and gimmicks. Some layouts appear when they dive deep into the cave. 10 levels are prepared for each lap, and bosses appear for each level.

There are also items inside the cave. By obtaining these, it is possible to move quickly and destroy enemies efficiently. Furthermore, some items can be combined with mysterious energy. In -game songs include arrangements of the original and original BGM. The progress of the player is recorded as a score and is described in the ranking. In addition to the difficulty selection, it is possible to continue searching after defeating the final boss.

As a playable character, 20 characters are prepared. For example, in addition to quote with basic performance, there are a variety of characters, such as CURLY BRACE, which is slow and has many health, and king that can jump high with multiple melee weapons.

“DOUKUTSU RANDAMU” was released in February 2022 and has been updated. Under these circumstances, developer Trashbox Bobylev has decided to work on Japanese language because the attention of the Japanese community has been increasing. He himself doesn’t know Japanese, so he’s based on what he translated in Deepl. He is waiting for feedback on accuracy.

“DOUKUTSU RANDAMU” is being distributed for free on

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