Rabbids: Party of Legends: The crazy rabbits are back

With Rabbids: Party of Legends, Ubisoft has revealed a new party game for the Xbox.
The game should appear on June 30, 2022 and provide fun rounds with friends and family.
Numerous hilarious mini games await you at the new party of the rabbids.
Rabbids: Party of Legends features
* Put up up to 4 players into a local multiplayer chaos
* Alliance and competes in over 50 funny mini -games
* Creates a user play list with your favorite mini-games
* Everyone can participate in action – with customizable levels of difficulty and intuitive control

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 - All Minigames (4 Player)
* Discover a legendary story full of colorful characters, divided into 4 chapters
Rabbids: Party of Legends is available on June 30th for Xbox One (and about downward compatibility for Xbox series X | s).
There are a few screenshots from the game here:

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