Neowiz, Cat and Soup global downloads over 20 million

Neowiz (co –representative Kim Seung -cheol, Bae Tae -geun) announced on the 23rd that the number of global cumulative downloads has exceeded 20 million.

It has been about four months since it recorded 10 million cumulative downloads in January. Cats and soups are neglected mobile games developed by Heidia (CEO Kim Dong -kyu). According to the company, the number of daily game users (DAUs) also remains at 1 million.

A commemorative event is also held. By June 7, you will be able to obtain a total of 60 rewards for limited costumes, limited furniture, jewelry and furniture coins, recipe points tickets, and pudding for free.

What happens when you mix all your favorite food? - Cats & Soup animation #shorts
There is also a 7 -day gift. If you attend the game, you can get ‘Bear Friends’ with ‘Outing Costume Set’ and ‘Bear Friends’, which has the effect of collecting bees, and additional ‘bear clothes costumes’ and ‘honey bee friends’ when paying payments.

A new rest facility ‘train model’ and a new cat ‘tuxedo’ were also added. In the train model facility, you can see the cats playing on the trains. ‘Tuxedo’ cat is wearing a tuxedo.

In addition, a mode has been added to maintain the appearance of the cats held in the facility ‘Observatory’ and change the skill.

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