Recommended for the lesson! A rapid Salt boom occurs in the overseas game forum

In Japan, “5ch (old 2ch)” is famous for anonymous bulletin board sites. There are various bulletin boards on the site on the site, and the game is one of them. However, due to its anonymity, there are many salty writing.

This phenomenon exists overseas as usual, and also exists on the US bulletin board site Reddit , which is mainly used in English. However, it seems that the number of users rushing into the “** Lowsodium (reduced salt)” forum, which is required to be “friendly behavior”, is so tired of that trend.

According to Rob Gage, the director in charge of Reddit Partner Insight, the game forum with “R/Lowsodium” in the past four months is “46 % less” than a regular game forum. According to specific data, the “R/Lowsodiumhalo” for the “Halo” series has 134 times the number of users and the “R/Lowsodium2042” for “Battlefield 2042” is 23 times. It seems that.

Looking at the number of forum registrants on the unoffic statistical site SUBREDDIT STATS, both “R/Lowsodiumhalo” and “R/Lowsodium2042” can be confirmed in the boom around November 2021. Gage commented on this trend, “The gamers are looking for a more positive environment, but also seeking aesthetics, aesthetics, and sounds that can return to a healthier game experience.”

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