How to Get and Improve Diablo Immortal Legendary Gems?

Legendary gems are a considerable power boost in Diablo Immortal, offering a base attribute bonus and unique and varied legendary powers that can change your gameplay in different ways. There are currently 32 Legendary Gems, but it looks like more could be added to the game when it launches, and balance may tweak the ones already there.

Slots and upgrades
You can craft, upgrade, and collect them from the jeweler in Westmarch. You can place legendary gems on your off-hand helmet, chest, shoulder pads, weapon, and item, up to 6. There can be no more than one socket per item, and there is no color here, unlike normal gems.

The good news is that the gem obtained by fusing two legendary gems is based on the higher attributes of the ones used as a component. To upgrade them, you need to match 2 identical Legendary Gems of the same rank to get a higher rank. Therefore, elevating them to a high rank will be time-consuming and expensive, given their price.

Therefore, a high-tier legendary gem is likely to be close to the maximum values ​​in all areas. Legendary gems always have two bonuses, with the third unlocking at rank 6.

How to get legendary gems?

There are many ways to obtain legendary gems, but not all of these solutions are suitable for all gems. For example, some sellers only offer one or two specific gems:
– Created in the Jeweler with Runes and Platinum.
– Very rarely, through the daily login bonus.
– Progressing in the Battle Pass and its premium version.
– As a random reward from Ancient Rifts, the chances increase when using Rare Crests, especially Legendary Crests.
– The Ash Merchant offers some legendary gems.
– The Market allows you to buy Legendary Gems for Platinum, and you can also resell those you don’t intend to use.

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