Diablo Immortal Abilities and Legendaries Wizard Guide

Few things are more incredible than spells, so you’ve chosen the Wizard as your starting class in Diablo Immortal. The start is pretty straightforward, and you won’t get lost, but after a few minutes, you’ll start to have more skills than you need to use them. It would help if you chose well.

A bit later, if you’re lucky, you’ll find your first legendary items, making things a bit more complicated. Here we bring you a relatively simple first build, with the skills we recommend you use and the most useful legendary items during the leveling phase.

The Skill Rotation: Black Hole, followed by Scorch or Meteor, then a Charged Arcane Wind and Magic Missiles. Lightning Nova will be the final closure when you get it.

Legendary items
It’s unlikely you’ll find all of these items while leveling up, but it can sometimes justify changing a skill. Remember to improve your equipment as much as possible. Even if it is not legendary, you can transfer all this to the new items you will find and equip later.

Cowl of the abyss – increases the size of the Black Hole by 20%.

Starkiller’s Drapery – Increases the size of the Meteorite by 20%.

Shoulders of the Cataclysm – increases Meteorite damage by 10%.

Galebringer’s Leggings – Increases Arcane Wind damage by 10%.

Primary Weapon:
Windshaper – Transforms Arcane Wind into a tornado that chases enemies, continuously damaging them.
Left Hand – Battle Pass Rank 10 allows you to choose from several Legendaries on the left hand. We recommend you pick up The Siphon, which will transform the Lightning Nova into a movement technique with its 60% movement speed bonus.

Focus on damage (tourmaline, red gem) and armor penetration (sapphire, blue gem).

Legendary gems
Unless you invest large sums of real money, you won’t get many chances to choose your legendary gems or optimize them during the leveling phase. Use what you find in each moment.

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