How to make heavenly dew reviving the dead NPC in Elden Ring

In your desire to become Elden-Lord, you will face many non-game characters in Elden-Ring. These NPCs can give you tasks, sell objects, teach skills and much more. However, at some point you can accidentally attack the NPC or kill the one that you did not suspect that it would be important later. Fortunately, with the help of heavenly dew, you can revive dead non-game characters and turn back the military operations.

What is heavenly dew in Elden Ring?

Heavenly dew is a rare object that can be found in different places of intermediate lands. To revive the dead NPC, you will need to find heavenly dew. No matter how many dead or hostile NPCs, one heavenly dew will correct them all.

where to find heavenly dew in Elden Ring


Places of heavenly dew are scattered through the lands between, but there are those that are available quite early in the game. You still need to find the church of vows in the eastern lheriors of the lakes to revive dead non-game characters. Here are a few places where you can find CELESTIAL DEW. and locations available at the beginning of the game:

Found on a corpse hanging with a ledge with a view of the ruins of the Ul palace.
Found on the ground in ruins of the Palace ultimate .
Located on the corpse in the corner at the very bottom of the ruins in Nokron, the eternal city .
Found on a corpse on the side of the road in the city of the sacred land of the night .
Found on a corpse under the ruins in Nokstella, the eternal city .
Found north of Nokstella, eternal city site Grace, next to snails.
Found on a corpse leaning against the inside Academy of Paradise Lucaria locked gates.
Found on a corpse on a ledge between buildings in Holy land of the night Available from the place of grace of generic forests
On the upper floor in Ertristier * sanctuary on the corpse of the stairs.

At the beginning of the game, the best places where you can find heavenly dew is the Academy of Paradise Lucaria or the well of the Siofra River. There are three heavenly dews that can be found around the well of the Siofra River. However, the one in the east can only be found after unlocking the route to the Necron.

how to revive the dead NPC in Elden Ring

Now that you have heavenly dew, you must go to the church of vows, which is located in East Lurnium. The church of vows can be seen by the arrow pointing to it on the map. As soon as you get to the vow church, pass by Miriel to the back of the church. There you will find a small pool and a statue. You will be given a choice to let your sins with the help of heavenly dew. The release of your sins will revive all the dead NPCs, with the exception of isolated and wandering merchants.

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