A motorcycle magazine editor with a fierce background played Excite Bike

This is an interview with a little underground, where you can play the Excite Bike released in 1984 while looking back on the fierce past of a certain motorcycle magazine editor.

Lily Takahashi: It didn’t fit the tone of the magazine, it seemed to be useless. On the contrary, I felt like I did it! !

–(smile). GAME*Spark is a game information site, so you often handle information on motorcycle-related games. Please tell us the impression of recent motorcycle games from the former rider’s perspective.

Lily Takahashi: From a motorcycle rider’s point of view, it is an image that focuses on the motorcycle culture of Road Race. The off-road is an underground. By the way, I have been involved in the game of the Ride series as a job. There were only a few times when I was doing road racing.

――― It was said that you rarely play games as a hobby, but what did you feel when you actually played the Ride series?

Lily Takahashi: I was worried about the position of the viewpoint. Is the eye position high? In car games, there are many perspectives that the camera chase the car from behind. However, motorcycles have many first-person perspectives, and it is an impression that the speed is emphasized.

–I see.

Lily Takahashi: Because it is a camera perspective that emphasizes speed expression, I feel uncomfortable when turning the corner. I want to defeat my body more and bend! But I can’t operate the rider’s body in the game…

-I was saying physical sports, and it is a very important competition to move my body.

Lily Takahashi: That’s right. In the game, I think that the need for such a place is still a niche.

―― Then, here are one of the best games as an editor of GAME*Spark. It is a work of the first NES generation called Excite Bike.

Lily Takahashi: 1984… It’s a year-old game.

―― It is a racing game that handles so-called motocross. This work is very simple, you can go straight with the A button, accelerate with the B button, move and move the center of gravity with the cross key.

Lily Takahashi: At this time, off-road bike racing in the stadium was popular. In Japan, I made a course at the Jingu Stadium and called a player from abroad. I think it was just the heyday of such a culture.

――I was right! I knew well as a game, but the background of the times was refreshing without studying. I’m actually touching it… How about? How do you feel as an off-law driver?

Lily Takahashi: Pure fun! Although it is a 2D horizontal scroll, the situation during the race is quite real. If you do not move the body, it will fall, and once you fall, it will not stop easily! Oh, the rider in front is rolling around… I love it.

―― I didn’t think it would be so easy to understand.

Lily Takahashi: Adjusting the posture is quite important. Jump sections are amazing. It looks like a stadium bike at that time. This is amazing… it’s interesting. I want to do it properly. It’s well done.

―― After jumping, it is Kimo to prepare your position to be parallel to the course.

Lily Takahashi: Really, it’s as real as why you were particular about that place. I really like jumping on a real motorcycle. If you play this game, you will actually want to ride.

―― I am glad to hear comments like PR articles.

Lily Takahashi: No, I really want to fly high! In the past, I used to do it so much that I was seriously injured when I landed. Real in many ways. This is hot. Oh, it’s time update.


Lily Takahashi: Yeah ~. This is happy. Oh… when you fall, this will happen. Even mud is slow. Contrary to the appearance, it is solid. The experience is quite a motorcycle. I remember a lot of actual techniques.

――By the way, you can also play another mode where enemy rider appears.

Lily Takahashi: Please wait a minute, isn’t this a super hot…? What are these guys fast. I mean, even if you overtake it, it will come out from before and you will be scared. How many people are there.

――The operation is getting better and better…!

Lily Takahashi: For off-road bikes, it’s a game that evokes excitement. It was a slug, Excite bike.

――― I think you enjoyed it very much, but could you tell us your frank impressions of Excite Bike?

Lily Takahashi: Normally, it’s fun! !

―― I am glad to say that!

Lily Takahashi: The situation is really real. It is quite a place where you have to raise the body up or lower it down. A level where you can’t find any missing elements.

――When you say that!

Lily Takahashi: Don’t ask any of the obstacles to control a motorcycle. It’s really Donpisha. You have to be careful to get caught in the rear wheels of other riders, and there is a stadium motorcycle.

–I see.

Lily Takahashi: I think the recent real route is amazing, but the system that simply knows the movement like Excite Bike is interesting. TEMP that shows the temperature of the engine is also a point of view! I tought.

――― I was able to talk about Excite Bike, so I will ask you the last question. Perhaps you are not aware, but Lily Takahashi is definitely a hardcore person.

Lily Takahashi: Is that so? (Laughs) If so, I think I’m not at all.

――― I thought you would say so, but I will continue. We, GAME*Spark, run as a web media for hardcore gamers, and keeps thinking that it is hardcore. If you have Lily Takahashi-san, if you value what you value for being a hardcore, and what you are particularly conscious, please let us know.

Lily Takahashi: I think the people around me are hardcore (laughs). But if you say it’s strong… I have the feeling that I want to be more enjoyable than anyone . I refrain from I’m good or think before taking action. When I see such a person, I think, I should do it!

――I pursue fun for me… The editorial department will also refer to it. Thank you for today!

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