Diablo Immortal Getting Started Guide And Tips To Start Your Adventure In The Best Way

It’s always a bit daunting to jump into a new game, especially an MMO, but luckily Diablo Immortal will hold your hand from the start, and there are quite a few pitfalls to avoid. Since we’ve already been able to play a lot of Diablo Immortal during the press early access, here are the lessons we learned.

What platform to play on? PC or mobile?
This depends on the devices you have. Diablo Immortal is available for PC, Android, and iOS, with shared servers. If you use the same Battle.net account on all your devices, you can resume your progress without issue.

If you are looking for performance and comfort, your best option is undoubtedly to play is the PC with a controller. Since Diablo Immortal was primarily developed for mobile, it doesn’t ask for too much of a machine.

Which server to choose?
There are dozens of game servers for Diablo Immortal, divided by geography and language. If you want to avoid latency, it is better to choose a server dedicated to your geographical area as a priority. There are two servers for Spain.

If you plan to play with friends or family, choosing the same game server is essential as characters cannot be transferred. This means that you would have to start from scratch and lose the time or money you invested in your character if you change servers.

What class to choose?
This is a broad question that is difficult to answer. All classes are viable and have their place in all game modes. There are also no roles like tank or healer. There are, however, more or less demanding classes, ranged or melee, with or without group buffs, etc.

Play what you like the most. But if you plan to play with family members, try to choose different classes to benefit from these bonuses.


A pseudo-tank with a large shield. He’s tough and has a lot of AoE and mobility. Overall, this makes him a good choice, but his single target DPS is low.


A large melee brute, very robust, with a lot of AoE and group buffs. It is excellent in PvP and is generally considered one of the best classes since the beta.


Specialist in martial arts, it is very mobile, with group controls and improvements, it is a reasonably balanced class that only sins in its DPS on a single target as well as its demanding gameplay, which will not be suitable for all players, especially on mobile devices.

Demon Hunter:

The best single target DPS in the game with his crossbows and projectiles, he also has a good AoE, allowing him to decimate enemies from a distance. It is considered a perfect option for solo players. He also suffers from a significant lack of mobility and great frailty.


This spellcaster can create devastating combos of abilities, making it very satisfying but also more challenging to play. He’s pretty vulnerable when his abilities recharge, and playing him in PvP is tough. You have to aim well with your skills and find the right timing.


The class with the pets, summon your army to tank and deal damage. Combine that with lots of party boosts and control effects, making for a compelling character. However, he suffers from a significant lack of mobility.

Drops and Equipment
Remember to activate the automatic collection of all kinds of objects in the game settings, and you will gain comfort.
Remember to pick up the blue experience orbs on the ground, and they help a lot to level up.
When your backpack at the top right of the screen flashes, you’ve picked up a better item than the one you already have.
Equip your mobility skill to level 8 (or 15, depending on the class), then keep it permanently to survive or progress faster towards your destination.
Killing fleeing treasure goblins and visiting lairs is very profitable.
Keep an eye on the map. Elites, chests, bosses, and events are marked.
Activate waypoints and use your portal to get back and forth faster—no need to walk back to town.
Upon reaching Westmarch, you will have the Ancient Rifts tutorial and the Rare and Legendary Crests. Your first miss will grant you a legendary gem. Feel free to use his other crests right away. The more gems and legendary gems you have, the faster you progress. It is useless to wait to be at a higher level.
If you find legendary items, don’t recycle them. Recycle only duplicate legendary items which you have already mined the energy from. You can draw its power from a particular merchant in town, who will later transfer it to other items.

Battle pass
You can play however you want, but if your goal is to progress as fast as possible, it’s best to go through the main story. Unlocking many features is tied to it, as well as your level. Just select the target on the left of the screen and follow the golden footsteps on the ground.
Another essential item is the Battle Pass. Along with the Codex, it will track your progress and reward you for achieving different goals. Open the menus marked with a red gem to collect your rewards, which often include gold and experience, which will make you progress faster. If you want to optimize your leveling speed, wait for the maximum. The expertise offered depends on your current level.
Optional Battle Pass objectives often appear in green on the left side of the screen, below the current story objective.
The Battle Pass will eventually allow you to choose between different legendary items and choose well according to the build you plan to play.

Daily activities, bestiary, and rewards
Diablo Immortal makes it better to unlock the various features as quickly as possible, including dungeons, bounties, rifts, the Bestiary, the Infernal Locket, or the different factions.
You have to try to connect every day, even if it’s just to kill a single monster. This will unlock a nice daily reward with increasing quality. There are other daily rewards to unlock, such as a free pack.
You can then complete different activities, events, and the like around the world, as rewards, etc. It is better to play a little every day than to play intensely for one day and not login several days in a row, as certain activities have daily limits.

You can play Diablo Immortal without paying anything, it is not a disadvantage, and it does not affect your enjoyment of the game. You don’t need it to reach and exceed high-level content. But if you are going to spend a little money, here are some recommendations of the most profitable items:

The upgraded battle pass by paying is the best investment, and it will double the rewards you earn. However, you need to play regularly to get the most out of it. This includes gold, experience, gems, and legendary items.

Unique packs are unlocked at different points in the game, such as completing the tutorial or completing a dungeon. The value of their content is always much higher than other purchase types, and they are only available once each. It is an excellent way to help yourself without spending a lot of money.

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