Dont forget to get rewarded! Gods Top M Daily Homework List

There are various contents in the Top M of God, and the compensation payment method varies depending on the content. One of these should be noted is the daily content where the reward is initialized every day. The contents that need to be taken every day in God’s Top M include rice cooker training, guilds, administrators’ trials, ranker wars, shops, and trials.

Daily contents compensation includes not only materials that are lacking like various materials and gold, but also the summons/special summons of the tower needed to summon characters and start-up weapons.

▣ God’s Top M Daily Homework List Summary

-Leading rice cooker training rewards (up to 10 hours cumulative)
-Guild attendance check / Guild daily mission / Donation supply and demand
-Challenge the administrator’s trials once
-In a daily compensation with the maximum ranking ranking rankings
-N daily summons in the store, purchasing a tower key of trials
-Consumption with less than 100 tower keys of trials

▣ Rice cooker training compensation

In the rice cooker, the characters organized are automatically battle, and over time, experience, gold, and various items are automatically accumulated. However, the reward of rice cooker training is accumulated for up to 10 hours, so the reward after 10 hours is lost. Therefore, if possible, it is a good idea to access the rice cooker training compensation once before 10 hours.


▣ Guild Coin

Guild Coin is a good goods for purchasing tower key, beginner skillbooks, starlights, gift boxes, and ties. After joining the guild, you can earn 20/50/150 depending on the type of donation through 20 guild missions, every time you attend the guild.

However, in the case of the guild daily mission, it takes time to achieve all the goals, so it is efficient to receive the reward before 24 o’clock when the content is initialized.

▣ Administrator’s trials compensation

The administrator’s trials are boss raid content. The number of challenges is infinite, and rewards are paid according to the best score recorded that day. It is divided into two types of ‘white iron eel’, which is currently challenged by a four-person party, and ‘Red Stock Eel’, which challenges the six-person party, and can be rewarded by trials. good night.

In particular, in the case of white iron armor eel, one summons ticket of the tower can be achieved when achieving 12,000 points, and one special summon ticket of the tower can be obtained when it is achieved 28,500 points.

▣ Ranker War Daily Compensation

The Ranker War is a PVP content that competes with other users’ parties. Among them, daily rewards are paid by the current ranking basis, so it is better to earn daily compensation after raising your ranking as much as possible.

▣ Purchase of daily purchase items at the store

In the store, there is an item initialized by the daily/day/monthly purchase. Weekly/monthly items have plenty of time, but if you do not buy it on that day, the purchase opportunity will disappear. The items recommended to buy as a day are as follows.

1) General-> Daily Summon-> 4 daily summon tickets
B must be cleared up to the story 7-11 chapter to purchase all

2) General-> Item-> Tower key of trials **

3) Exchange Shop-> Market Coin-> Tower key of trials
ㄴ Market Coin purchases as a diamond or sells items to the market.

4) Exchange Shop-> Guild Coin-> Tower key of trials
ㄴ However, the guild coin has a small supply and demand, so it is recommended to purchase the key after purchasing the ties skillbook (anti-war charm) first.

▣ Tower key consumption

The tower of trials is a content that can supply experience, gold, various equipment and ingredients. You can enter freely when you challenge a new floor, but every time you repeatedly challenge the cleared layer, the tower key of the trial is consumed. The keys are charged each one per hour and only 100 are stored on automatic charging.

So, with more than 100 keys, it can be said to be a loss because the key is not charged no matter how time passes. Therefore, even if it is possible to supply keys with hot time or various events, it is good to consume steadily so that the key can be maintained with less than 100 keys if possible.

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