Lunar ruined horror Routine reissued. The silence project of 10 years since the announcement is back

Developer Lunar Software and Publisher RAW FURY Reissen the first-person horror game Routine on June 10. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam) and Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S, which also support Xbox Game Pass. The release time is undecided.

Routine is a first-person horror game set on an abandoned lunar base. The lunar base is designed based on the Future View of the 80’s and contains an essence like a retro-future. There are various locations on the base, such as ruined shopping malls and residents. As the player explores such places, they encounter enemies trying to eliminate themselves. This work aims for an immersive experience that is sweaty in his hand, and there seems to be an element that unlocks the function of the Astronaut Assistance Tool and protects himself.


This work was announced in 2011, and was postponed at one time until the release date. The project was expected to be released in 2017, but the project was silent. This time, the developer LUNAR Software has re-published Routine again with a tag with RAW FURY. LUNAR Software also looks back on development difficulties on the official website. According to the report, at that time, he was not satisfied with the perfection of the game, and due to financial issues, he had to temporarily fail. This time, I would like to pray that development will proceed smoothly.

Routine will be released for PC (Steam) and Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. It also supports Xbox Game Pass. The release time is undecided.

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