NHN Big Put, New and Experienced Employees Big Recording 2022

[Kim Sang-ho Moon Young-soo reporter] NHN Big Foot (CEO Kim Sang-ho) ‘s large-scale recruitment’ BIG Recouring 2022 ‘document deadline is approaching the 5th.

The company is recruiting 000 people in various sectors, including game platforms, blockchain, and game development, including game platforms, blockchain, and game development.

By June 14th, the application will be received through the NHN Big Foot Recruitment website, and the final candidate will be selected after the pre-test and pre-assignment (new recruitment)-1 interview-2nd interview.

NHN Big Foot provides a variety of contents so that applicants can easily understand the company and job. First of all, the NHN Big Foot Recruitment homepage shows the game lineup of live games and production, as well as video contents, recruitment announcements and processes, related Q & A, and in-house welfare.

In particular, in the case of video contents, you can hear vivid interviews with current people such as Kim Sang-ho, practitioners, and PDs, which helps applicants to identify NHN’s vision and strengths, in-house atmosphere, and job. In addition, you can post a variety of card news such as recruitment schedules on NHN’s official Instagram account ‘@nhn_careers’.

In order to successfully settle in the global P & E market, NHN Big Foot will secure talented people of various job groups and upgrade the games under development. To this end, the company plans to implement a two-day home work system in line with the physiology of the employment market, which is an indicator of advanced corporate culture and a job market. In addition, we will pay 2 million won of welcome bonus to all of NHN Big Foot.

In addition, on boarding training for new employees who have passed the final pass will be successfully adapted to the company and work. Introductory education to adapt to the NHN Big Put in-house culture will be taken for one week and then in-depth, the education needed to perform each job is in depth. In particular, the development of the development group will provide the opportunity to grow into excellent game developers through the mentoring process.

Kim Sang-ho, CEO of NHN Big Foot, said, NHN Big Foot has been newly launched since its launch, and many applicants are interested in the large-scale public recruitment. I look forward to the interest and support of applicants who will grow by taking big foot foot.

Meanwhile, NHN Big Foot merged NHN Pixel Cube and NHN RPG in February and proclaimed an identity as a p & E game manufacturer. Based on the capabilities and know-how of various game genres, we are preparing a variety of P & E game lineups such as Three Match Puzzles, Holdem Poker, Social Casino, RPG, SNG, and Sports Fight.

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