Officially announced for Steam for Kicking FPS Anger Foot. Aim for the fastest clear with angry button and gunplay

Devolver Digital officially announced Anger Foot on June 10. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam), and the release time is scheduled for 2023.

Anger Foot is a high-speed action game. Set in a city called SHIT CITY, aim to clear the stage while defeating the same gangs. The player’s weapons are various firearms that can be robbed of the enemy, and the foot. In this work, the attack by kick is outstanding. It is effective not only to close the distance to the enemy and kick directly, but also to kick the door connecting the room and the room and break it with the enemy. Go through stages such as slums, sewerage, and skyscrapers to clear high-speed.

In this work, the shooting and kick are powerful, and if you hit it, the enemy will fall with a single blow. But the players are not careless. If you receive several attacks from the enemy, you will die. If you get defenseless in a room where you have a large amount of enemies, you will not be able to go down in no time. In Anger Foot, all positions and timing of enemies are fixed. The key to this work is to go around the stage many times, build a perfect route and aim for the fastest goal.

On the way, you can get sneakers in addition to weapons such as pistols and submachine guns. Collection of the splendid kicking foot gear will be a pleasure of this work. In addition, sometimes the energy drink is falling on the stage. If you drink, you will be able to temporarily play more high-speed. It is a perfect item for players who want more adrenaline.

The development of Anger Foot is the indie studio Free Lives. It is a studio consisting of four people based in South Africa. This work has been released on ITCH.IO since 2020. It has been updated until 2022. And this time, the official announcement was reached under Devolver Digital’s publishing.

Anger Foot will be released on Steam for PC in 2023.

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