Just how to unlock of the Guard Vault in Wonders Avengers

As soon as you have actually ended up activating both numbers, go back to the Vault door. You need to stand on the highlight till the blue bar at the top left is filled up and remain to beat the opponents that appear in the meantime. This must be duplicated 3 times, and each time, an added terminal will be included. The Vault door will be opened once you have actually done it 3 times.

As quickly as you connect with him, a timer starts and an arbitrary number shows up on the display. Location on your own on the terminal representing the number to activate it. Afterwards, the second issue will certainly be highlighted as well as you will certainly need to hold on the reporter for a few secs till it triggers.


You can access a vault mission from the war table, as well as once the objective began, head directly till the radar appears at the leading left of the screen. In there, you can see the Vault door, and also there will be a goal marker in front of it.

Vault missions give accessibility to several of the most effective rocks in the game, so also if it might seem a little tiresome, it is actually worth it.

There is a lot to do in Wonder’s Avengers once the project is over, and also among one of the most intriguing missions of the video game is the Vault missions chain. You will certainly have access to the Vault missions as soon as you have acquired the Vault coordinates from the Guard caches. You can consult our guide below to learn just how to discover the Shield caches.

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