LOL: The hilarious anecdote of the exchange of t -shirts between G2 and T1 that left Faker without words

The MSI ended several weeks ago and everyone has gone home. Jankos, back in Europe after this new international epic, has resumed his old habits… He is again active in streaming and has even more anecdotes to tell us within the competitive League of Legends. Among them, we found one that was especially funny . In South Korea, G2 eSports and T1 , rivals in the semifinals, made a small t-shirt exchange ceremony. This type of practice, imported from traditional sport, has become common today.

But not everything went as planned… After offering shirts, the European team went to collect them emergency for a reason that made us laugh. Remembering this, Jankos couldn’t help laughing. G2 is really a team like no other.

A typical samurais error

G2 and T1 had the opportunity to face in the invoker crack, but they could also find themselves in a more friendly way in real life. Thus they organized a ceremony of t-shirt exchange before the Rumble Stage, only to weave links while creating content for their networks. For players, it is also a good opportunity to create memories … Not everyone can receive a T1 shirt from Faker’s hand.

The Samurais offered like this 10 T-shirts to their Korean counterparts. But there was a big problem: the champions of the LEC did not reach the MSI with enough shirts. That is why they had to recover these gifts after offering them. What makes the sequence funny is that there was a communication problem and T1 had not obtained such information. The Koreans left, in silence, with their G2 shirts… and G2 had to reach the LCK champions A All has a hurry to recover these shirts.


The eSports t-shirts of Korean and Chinese teams, relatively scarce resources

Electronic sports fans are usually very fond of t-shirts . However, these can be expensive, as in traditional sports. Obviously, there are promotions regularly, but of normal prices can easily reach 80 euros (not including possible shipping costs). But beyond the price, which can be a first stumbling block, you should also know that Asian team shirts can be complicated to access for European fans.

Korean, Chinese or Japanese teams do not always have a store in English and sometimes you have to speak the language to navigate the site. But the big problem is that most do not distribute in Europe… unless you go there, having an official shirt can become quickly impossible. In the case of the LPL shirts, it is even more likely that we find ourselves with falsifications through Ali Express than with anything else.

However, the case of T1 is a bit different. The structure has a large American branch, which facilitates things for Western fans. On the other hand, in terms of price, it is not really cheap ( 95 dollars the shirt ).

Foto: Lol eSports

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