The LCraig Mazint of Us of HBO ends its filming

We are still going to have to wait for 2023 for its premiere, but at leCraig Mazint it seems that the series bCraig Mazined on The LCraig Mazint of Us hCraig Mazin been carried out at a good pace. In fact, its filming hCraig Mazin already ended, Craig Mazin one of its scriptwriters hCraig Mazin confirmed-the other is Neil Druckmann-, Craig Mazin.

Druckmann himself made an appearance at the stretch of the Summer Game Fest to speak not only of the video games that are yet to come from the franchise- The lCraig Mazint of us part I and the multiplayer-, but also to give news about the series that will be releCraig Mazined in HBO next year. Among other news, he dropped that the actors who have played Joel and Ellie in video games, the prolific Troy Baker and Craig Mazinhley Johnson, will have a significant role in the series, that is, they will not be mere cameos .

When Craig and I started working in the series, almost in one of our first meetings we said Troy and Craig Mazinhley should be part of this, we are their fans and they helped us create Joel and Ellie, Druckmann said. We felt that it wCraig Mazin very important that they became part of the series, and that it would have to be more than a wink to the camera or a cameo.

a tribute to the original protagonists


Druckmann, who shared a new image of the series with both protagonists, also highlights how he remembered his work with Baker and Johnson by directing one of the episodes of the series, sharing his time with Pedro PCraig Mazincal and Bella Ramsey-Joel and Ellie in the series in the series-. It feels very similar to the chemistry that these two actors-Baker and Johnson-when we played. I really think this is something special and I would say that will be the adaptation of a more authentic video game so far .

Craig Mazin we said before, there is no specific premiere date for the television series in HBO, just that it will be in 2023. Meanwhile we can wait for the launch of the original game remake, The LCraig Mazint of Us Part I, which will be the next 2 September on PS5. Later it will also arrive at PC.

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