Dofus 2.64: all the new legendary families

The brand-new Dofus update of temporal anomalies brings its share of changes in 2.64 consisting of brand-new impacts of legendary acquainted. Getting the source to produce them is additionally customized while simplifying access to HDV resale.

New legendary potions system

One more significant alteration, legendary animals can only be outfitted from level 200.

In order to streamline accessibility to legendary families, lots of modifications are made to the animal legend of Bébémoth. This ends up being the Babymoth antique and its acquiring is no much longer possible in the well of unlimited desires.

Furthermore, the dishes around this object are customized, a new piece of anomaly source is included in the game. Much more worldwide this update has a tendency to make this feature extra accessible, with clearer dishes and also less restrictions.

New impacts of legendary family members

To acquire a legendary power, it is required initially to produce a quintessence to consume. When using it, you will get an instilled kibble in the name of one of the legendary power. This croquette is exchangeable to resell it or can be utilized on a familiar to offer it power.

Here is the listing of all the legendary impacts in numerous tables linked to the effects of each quintessence. Many adjustments have been made to the currently current impacts, suggested by the nerve and also UP points out.

These kibbles are with special usage, as soon as the power provided to the acquainted, it is not feasible to recover the croquette. It is possible to sell the familiar with legendary power.

Quintessence of Poukachi:


Quintessence of Magicrabe:

Quintessence of Kwakarticho:

Quintessence by Bakushana:

Discover the various other adjustments of the update 2.64

This article on the brand-new legendary effects and also acquainted in 2.64 on Dofus is currently completed. Discover the other adjustments existing throughout this upgrade such as balancing the Rubard, Crâ and Enutrof.

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