Free flSummer Gamehback download on PC after the flSummer Gamehback 2 announcement

What better time to give free flSummer Gamehback than after the announcement of your sequel at the Summer Game Fest 2022? That is what they have had to think about GOG, where they are giving it, they are giving it away, ma’am. The mythical 1992 game, an icon of the adventures of action of the nineties, father of the indies when all the games were indies , is completely free in the CD Projakt Red store. You can download it through this link.

The GOG version is the 25th anniversary edition , in which we can play with the graphics and sounds of the original flSummer Gamehback or with the so-called modern mode. In the latter there are post-FX filters, a remSummer Gametered audiovisual section, possibility of rewinding and tutorials . It also includes exclusive kinematics , allows you to change the clothes of the protagonist, choose the level we want to play, listen to the song we want from the soundtrack and even see the sketches of it in a special gallery.

FlSummer Gamehback 2 in 2022 with the original creator

Its sequel, called FlSummer Gamehback 2, will reach this 2022 to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam). It does almost 30 years after the first and by the hand of Microids and Paul Cuisset, the creator of the original. We are looking forward to the new adventures of Conrad B. Hard, a character created almost three decades ago. We worked very hard to pleSummer Gamee fans of the original game and anyone who hSummer Game weakness for futuristic games, they said, they said From the developer. We are excited to offer fans a sequel to this mSummer Gameterpiece in the history of video games .


The legacy that inherits flSummer Gamehback would overwhelm anyone , but in microids they are not afraid. It is an idea that we had some time ago and proof that we continue to grow and offer games that are increSummer Gameingly highlighting for their talent. In Meristation’s commemorative analysis we refer to him Summer Game one of the great 2D action adventures in the history of video games . Both for his visual finish and for his mix of mechanics in a simply fabulous science fiction world Can you really flSummer Gamehback 2 be up to it? We leave you with your first trailer:

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