Lol – Riot betray itself: this is how new skins endanger their future

The playability of League of Legends is at their best, the new champions are more interesting than ever and Riot Games is miming the old characters more than we imagined. There is a margin of improvement, but the vast majority of the community is grateful to the course that the developer has taken when directing the playability of the title. However, with all the praise that this section deserves, the company seems to be in the middle of one of the worst crisis regarding their relationship with the players.

A constant controversy with the monetization of League of Legends

On the occasion of the indefinite break that will suffer the emporium of the essences after the opening of the special store that will take place during this patch 12.12, The criticisms of the developers have shot themselves . It is true that the forums of the community are not necessarily representative of the general opinion, but what the most committed players think. There, the opinions follow each other among those who bet that the interruption of these events will be much longer than we all expect, those who believe that the result will be worse or those who accuse Riot Games of lying.

Probably what is happening with the event is that it does need work, but it is not at the top of the Riot Games priority list. However, focusing on this tree may not let us see the forest . The problem of everything related to the monetization of League of Legends comes long. First there were shy complaints about the way in which skins are created, which now develop in mass giving rise to great thematic lines that barely explore the individualities of the champions, but criticisms soon began to rise in tune and focus on aspects even more negative for consumers.

In December of last year, one of the most anticipated cosmetics by the community had to be delayed because of the cuts with which it was presented. Ekko FireLight reached the League of Legends test servers without sound effects and with few changes beyond the appearance with respect to the original model. Changes that did not correspond to its price according to the company’s policy. The situation was Crispant and Riot Games had no choice but to delay the aspect to improve it considerably. However, and although it is unpleasant to say it, did not learn anything about this bad experience they had with the community.

The story does not end here, because since then a legendary cosmetic of Sivir has arrived that received very bad criticisms and that, for many players, did not have enough quality to be in the second highest category of higher price they can reach skins that do not belong to the event. Even more serious is the recent case of Pantheon Guerrero de la Asiza . This cosmetic will reach a price of 100 mythical essences, whose value is estimated at about 3,500rp. In this case, Riot Games not only received complaints about the lack of quality, but solved the criticisms with a we cannot do anything in the time we have and holy Easter.

The special monetization of TFT through the dangerous Loot Boxes, the attempts to hide the skins after a payment wall or the constant disappointment with the events were also red flags for the community . The impression it gives is that Riot Games seeks how much prices can increase by any method or reduce its services before the community explodes. An operation that, as soon as the players lower their guard, can only lead to practices that will harm all the players in the world.

The decisions that can change the future of League of Legends

The big problem is that Riot Games seems to have taken the easiest way . Instead of creating new cosmetics that offer more distinctive elements or betting on friendly marketing strategies for the consumer, the developer is betting on carrying out cuts or trying up undercover price increases. It is true that money is worth less than a year ago because of the well-known inflation and that the company usually is very uncommon with its price increases in Europe and most are just an adjustment with respect to new taxes. However, situations such as this week should open the eyes of the top people responsible.

Adrian Nordzij was the former head of League of Legends. In charge of several tasks among which monetization was, this employee was moved to another company video game currently under development. In the tweet we see above, where he announced his march, 137 answers and 237 retweets accumulate. Among all these interactions, beyond the desire of his fellow, it is difficult to find some positive mention . The celebration and cruelty were common among the members of the community who knew the position occupied by the employee.

Being in charge of monetization makes you the objective of criticism of all players and more if in recent times the practices have been considered abusive. However, we must not forget that any area responsible acts in accordance with the guidelines and objectives assigned to it . If League of Legends is worse in his monetization, it is because Adrian has done his work well. I do not know to what extent it is ethical to rejoice that he no longer works in the video game, but I am clear that the company should take note, since all the criticisms he has received are, deep down, derogatory comments towards Riot Games.

The displeasure of the community with monetization systems is total and, really, it is a real pity. In the ten years that I have been playing League of Legends I remember very few moments when I could be more satisfied with any element related to playability. However, the poor decision making with respect to what are the best ways to earn money have generated, above all, a great distrust.

It is the worst crisis not because it is serious or irreparable, if not because it threatens everything that the company defends. Riot Games is one of the few developers who, with successes and mistakes, has been able to assert the we put the players in the center of everything we do that looks in the values section of its website. However, in recent months they have questioned. There have been good ideas such as agreements with Epic Games to introduce Jinx’s Skin or Microsoft to add advantages in exchange for subscribing to Game Pass. These collaborations will surely offer some profit to developers and download players from the need to get more income, but they are not at all.

Although video game developers are very special companies to which it is easy to keep affection, their goal is still to earn money and there is nothing wrong with it . However, the company should look for other ways to get it. They may be new cosmetics that offer something unique, more collaborations or promotions that encourage us to spend more. However, the way to reduce the quality of skins, experiment with new ways of getting them or resorting to little ethical practices is not at all that we would like to travel or put players in the center.

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