DNF dual, game details and 16 kinds of characters


The worldview of DNF Dual tells a separate story derived from the worldview of Dungeon & Fighter. In a kind of spin-off form, it is based on the ‘Plain: The Gate’, which was created in the first place, the first place where the fragments of Caloso were scattered.

Although the main elements of the original story are the same, the detailed elements have been added, and the worldview of DNF Dual is completed. As a result, the story mode, which tells the stories of each character, also added different contents that were not in the existing Dungeon & Fighter, which increased the fun of the game.

The 16 kinds of characters in DNF Dual have different stories, and the concept is to clash for their purpose and belief and move toward the center of events.

Basic setting

In the first universe where Carloso and 12 artificial gods were fighting, and the first universe scattered by Carloso’s fragments, a ‘crack’ occurs. The plans, which have been divided into numerous parallel worlds due to large cracks, are transformed into a variety of shapes, experiencing their own unique events as time goes by.

It was not easy for beings with transcendental power to cross different plains, but ‘Plain: The Gate’, which was extremely developed by other plains, made this relatively easy.

One day, something strange happens in ‘Plain: The Gate’. The energy of The Gate, which continued different plains because of unknown reasons, lost power. Most of be beyond the plaine have lost their strength and disappeared or forced to return to the original plain, and the powerful beings are also in a situation where they are very limited in their original power.

This incident also had a great influence on those who lived in Plain: The Gate. Technologies that connect different worlds, such as spatial movement magic and warp portal, stopped working at once. Those who have lost the connection passage that connected the Arad, Cheon-gye, and the Magi are completely cut off, and people call the event as the closed day.

▲ Wonder

The warp portals that disappeared in the memory of people after the day of the door were called ‘Wonder’ and were treated as a mysterious past ruins. But by adventurers, Wonder regains the lost power, and the passages connected to other worlds are reopened.

▲ seeds of will

The background of these adventurers was Nemer, the original wisdom and the last leader. One of Carloso’s fragments, she appears in front of adventurers with different stories. And she says there’s an exceptionally strong will in this world, and she has been watching for a long time because she is one of the world’s will.

‘Nemer’ germs the seed of will that adventurer is not aware of. She and she asks an adventurer to find the Wonder scattered around the world and not to break even if they meet other will. She says she will be able to achieve what an adventurer wants if she completes it.

▲ Scenario progress

The user selects one of the characters, the adventurer, and works on the scenario. Adventurers accept ‘Nemer”s proposal for different reasons, such as to fulfill the mission of one organization in order to control the runaway blood, to fill the curiosity of the other world, and to complete the mission of the organization. You will be on a long journey to find.

Game mode introduction

▲ practice mode

It provides basic tutorials and detailed tutorials for each character. It is characterized by character features so that even beginners can easily enjoy DNF Dual. After the character tutorials are performed, you can practice the techniques you learned in the training mode.

▲ Online mode

-Rank Match (matching according to Cebu Rank)

-Player match (random matching)

-Room ID search function (free matching)

You can meet and play various players from all over the world online. PC users can meet PC users and console users with console users. Matching can be set through ‘battle setting’. It also provides a replay function to see the game scenes again.

▲ Local mode

-Story mode

You can enjoy the story of each character, and there are a total of nine stories for each character. The user chooses the desired side to grasp the flow of the story, and plays a battle with the characters in the story mode.

In addition to the text adventure format, you can understand the situation in the game with a full voice support by character.


Local player or computer with the desired settings

-Acade mode

Computers and Daejeon randomly appearing in a total of eight stages

-Survival mode

The final victory while challenging the confrontation with a random computer

▲ Collection

-Player information

Edit the information online or check the details

-Reaplay library

You can view the preserved replays, set and delete your favorite search


You can purchase or read in-game content such as privilege illustrations and voices. Composed of illustrations, sound, and movie galleries

About character

Ear prosecutors who accept Kazan syndrome, consume vitality and attack powerful attacks to achieve strong power. It is a short-range combat style that jumps into the enemy camp and attacks. The more crisis, the more powerful the enemy attacks.

Main technology

▲ Early : High power check skills that sweep a wide range of range forward

▲ Blood Sword : battery attack technology that greatly explodes blood sucked into the sword

▲ Awakening-Blood Rivven : Turns into Blood Maine, attacking around and becoming a beast of blood

A fighting woman fighting her body to the extreme and fighting her body with a weapon. With ultra-close combat style, the basic health is good and the attack speed is fast. It has a variety of catching techniques and batting technologies.

Main technology

▲ Self-defense (Subtitle : Digging in a short time while digging into a torso

▲ Wonchi Punch : A technique that strikes speculation with a fist from a close distance

▲ Awakening-Karthjin: Pharaoh Public Rights : It is characterized by exuding speculation around and overpowering the enemy with a strong combo attack.

Fighting fighting with powerful hits to neutralize enemy attacks. It is a combat style that pulls the enemy and pulls a powerful blow, and it is characterized by collecting and attacking the enemies of the full range at once.

Main technology

▲ Rofeling : Attack technology that connects kicks while moving forward

▲ Magnumsal : Attack attacking on the head after flew fast

▲ Awakening-Date Tradition : The Jincheon Rogue of the Pole

A character with high maneuverability and a great skill. If you match the MP skill to the opponent who attaches the ‘integer of the Flagge’, it causes ‘combustion status’ to give additional damage. Among the awakening, there is no time to recover MP, and it is characterized by a tight battle.

Main technology

▲ The cross of condemnation : A two-stroke attack that overpowers the ax by crossing the ax against the front

▲ Immediate referee : A continuous attack that is extensively falling with an ax with a flame of the referee

▲ Awakening-Infernal : An enemy attacked by wielding a flame ax

A colorful combo attack that crosses the ground and the air with a variety of combo play. It is characterized by a wide range of attacks, so it can be played using ground attacks or air attacks properly.

Main technology

▲ Retalfanto : Required technology that repeats stabbing in the range of attacks in the horizontal direction

▲ Summon astra : The linkage technology to blow speculation around after Astra traces the opponent

▲ Awakening machine-Yong-yong submitted : If you are hit by a sword that transformed the sword and shield, you attack your opponent with Astra.

You survived the rough outlaws with a brilliant attack using the revolver and legs. It is characterized by fighting with the most of you in a colorful and fast combat style that combines shooting and body liquor.

Main technology

▲ Mach kick : A quick technology that casts kicks at sound speed

▲ Shooting : Attack technology that fires a wide range of guns forward


▲ Awakening-Sevens Flow : A technology that connects an unpredictable shooting in the event of successful attacks and successful attacks

A character who fights the main checks in the middle range. A character with excellent rich and easy combos. Only during awakening, the special MP skill ‘Wall File Island’ is unlocked, and additional attacks are usually possible.

Main technology

▲ Last Strike : A width of check-ups to the front island of the whole body

▲ Helix Dive : A technology that fires a shot and bullet around while rotating in a spiral

▲ Awakening-Twilight Wings : A technique that can be stabbed with power to make your opponent coma and make a very fast speed.

Tricky character who mocks opponents with unpredictable maneuverability. By pressing the button to make a phosphorus, it is possible to attack the MP skill that changes performance and time difference. It is characterized by improving the speed of awakening and brilliant battles.

Main technology

▲ Chemical chemicals : A two-stage attack that is cut to Kunai with a flame while moving forward

▲ flying squirrel : A wide range of explosions in the air

▲ Awakening-Kusanagi’s sword : If you attack the front with a flame, and if you hit it, it becomes a firebird like a sword of Kusanagi.

A distant character who combines a variety of technologies with great rituals and fights with the dolls. It is characterized by overwhelming the opponent of Daejeon while sending a doll, Mad, with ‘Puppet Time!’

Main technology

▲ Puppet Time! : Attack of the mode that Mad’s enchantless acts individually

▲ Curse of Terror Bear : Multi-stage attack technology that Mad attacks with a curse’s breath

▲ Awakening-forest of dolls : When the enchant tris is open and attacked, a huge mad raises the opponent.

Machang is an intuitive attack method with a good blow and a wide range of attacks. The weapon uses a minor window and uses a window to swing, cutting, and shooting.

Main technology

▲ Brandish : A technique that quickly cuts the front with Machang 2 times

▲ Crescent Slash : A technique that bounces from the seat to strongly hit the opponent’s head into a carchang

▲ Awakening-Demonic Inferno : If you are struck by stabbing a full-fried machang in the front,

Mobile Combat Wizard who controls the wind. Wizard with excellent maneuverability and cool action. It is characterized by the power of the wind to overwhelm the enemy as fast as a gust and a storm like a storm.

Main technology

▲ Wind Blaster : Attack to shoot condensed wind forward

Vortex hurricane : Attack that blows around by transforming ‘Wind Twist’ into a huge rights

▲ Awakening-Storm Eliminate : A technique that shoots the opponent with a continuous attack and puts it on the ground with a storm power.

Ears tested on the boundary between ghosts and human beings by fusing with the soul of the ghost. The skill range is wide and the maneuverability is good. The ear is blue and is characterized by wearing a suit and hitting with swordsmanship.

Main technology

▲ Early Charm : Drama: Multi-stage attack technology that cuts around in a row with the power of the soul in a sword

▲ Won Gwi: Gwacheon : A two-stage attack technology that cuts the generations while round trips from the diagonal line.

▲ Awakening-Charm : A technology that shows a powerful attack with a combination with Won Gwi when a sword is pulled out of the residence posture

A character with a wandering mercenary concept and a character that uses a total sword skills using heavy central swords and shotguns. The actual armed armor is characterized by a gorgeous blow with a shotgun and a bomb.

Main technology

▲ Sword Balm : A two-stage attack technology that causes an explosion by stabbing it as a sword wrapped in gunpowder

▲ Get-on Fire : Attack with a shotgun in front of you

▲ Awakening-Incredible : A technology that makes a trap on the foot to make the hit opponent into charcoal with a characteristic mine

Priests who are defending God’s protection and protecting allies or exploding their divine power with strong recovery ability to attack the enemy. It is characterized by attacks using clearness skills by utilizing divine power for attack.

Main technology

▲ Hammer of penitence : A technology that hits the hammer created with sacred force

▲ Miracle Splitter : A technique that wields a hammer by rushing with sacred power on the body

▲ Awakening-Divine Funny Meeting : If you hit the hammer with a strong force and attack it with sacred thunder

You are a rear-supported type that uses the subprifts behind your back rather than a basic attack. Heavy equipment is slow to move and wear heavy armor to compensate for it. It is characterized by a long-range attack with a heavy weapon such as Gatling Gun, Flame Aircraft, and Laser Rifle.

Main technology

▲ Steire anti-tank gun

▲ Laser Rifle : A technology that aims laser rifle under diagonal lines in the air

▲ Awakening-Economy Trigger : A technology that the front trigger is pursued when it is hit by the opponent.

A warrior who has been overwhelmed by a rough battlefield and has the ability to control time. He lost his memory and wandered around several dimensions for thousands of years and used an old sword. It is characterized by a fragment of Kaloso.

Main technology

▲ Mysterious Slash : A technology that cuts the whole space with a mixed shape while moving forward

▲ Absolute Gar : After stopping the opponent’s attack

▲ Awakening-Transsendence Impact : Attacks that pursue a dark aura with a high level of energy.

Game background

The eight places in the original Dungeon & Fighter are implemented in the stage background.

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